Russia: Seminar for pastors and ministers about Protection from Deception

Vazgen Arseni, our DPM Russia/Caucasus director, recently held a seminar in Sochi city, Russia. As a supporter of DPM"s ministry, either by prayer of through your gift, you are part of this story. 


There were about 70 participants from several churches in Sochi region. The theme of the seminar was "Protection from Deception" based on Derek's book. With relentless deceptions, Satan is scheming to destroy the church from within, keeping us from the divine love and protection of God. We need to discern Satan's false supernatural wonders from the work of the Holy Spirit and be united in Christ through the Holy Spirit. 

Several senior pastors testified the seminar was extremely important to them. Many churches in Russia struggle because of lack of solid Bible teachings about supernatural life and practising the gifts of the Holy Spirit. They have many challenges and divisions among the Evangelical churches because of false teachings and misuses the gifts of the Spirit. All of the participants thanked DPM for organizing such a seminar and asked to organize such events as soon as possible.




Arthur Baloyi

Arthur Baloyi

I am requesting information of contacts of possible prayer facilitators around Gauteng Province South Africa who deal with generational curse prayer warfare

17 July 201910:16

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