Russia: ‘We were suffering because of the injustice of life, when we discovered God’s remedy for rejection!’

‘We were suffering because of the injustice of life, when we discovered God’s remedy for rejection!’  

You may have received one of two in your own life: a letter that made your day. It may have been a letter from a beloved friend, a (grand)child, or anyone else, but receiving a letter from just that person meant the world to you.

That’s what happened to Vazgen, our outreach director for Russia, Armenia and Caucasus. Last December, he received a letter from a group of Armenian prisoners. For several years, DPM has provided a prison ministry with materials to reach the inmates. And now, the prisoners decided it was time to contact Vazgen personally. This is what they wrote to him:

"Dear brother, thank you for sending us Derek's books. They bring hope and joy to us. We started reading his books in a very desperate time, a time where we didn't have any hope for the future. We were suffering because of the injustices of life and self-condemnation. The greatest help for us was "God's remedy for rejection". After reading that book we started to believe and sense that there was Someone who loves us and cares for us, and that is God.

Then we started to go deeper and deeper in reading Derek's books. It would be great to have the Self-Study Bible translated into Armenian. That could be a helpful tool to unite even more prisoners around the Word of God. Thank you again and again for your life-giving ministry.”
These prisoners weren’t the only one asking for this book. The Self-Study Bible Course had been available in Russian for a long time and was used by many prison ministries and rehab centres in Armenia as a tool to make disciples. However, since the younger generation doesn’t read Russian anymore, DPM have received many requests for an Armenian translation. And so Vazgen could reply to these prisoners with good news; the Self-Study Bible Course is currently being translated into Armenian. 

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