Solomon Islands Prison Ministry: Bible study with inmates leads to reconcilliation

DPM-Solomon Islands Coordinator, Hudson Saeni, recently sent us the following prison ministry update:

“Last year, the DPM-Solomon Islands prison ministry managed to cover six main units in the Rove Correctional Centre and it was a great year for the ministry to graduate the 66 inmates who faithfully completed their Self Study Bible Course. The Self Study Bible Course has really impacted the lives of those who faithfully complete their lessons, as you can read from just some of the testimonies we have received below.

2018 was a challenging year for the ministry to cover all the units within the centre, due to limited time and the continuous stream of people coming into the prison. We were able to enter the facility twice a week but time was still limited to cover the units, so I applied for another day (Sunday) for fellowship and to follow-up with the inmates. 


This DPM ministry is not only focusing on the Self Study Bible Course but also helps the inmates and their victims with their reconciliation cases, especially those in prison for “life” sentences. Last year we managed to reconcile two murder cases through affiliation with Prison Fellowship Solomon Islands. This is an ongoing programme and hopefully this year we will continue to do follow-ups for reconciliation.

Through our affiliation with Prison Fellowship Solomon Islands, I travelled through Papua New Guinea to Buka Island (the second largest island in the Autonomous Region of  Bougainville, in eastern Papua New Guinea) for one week’s training on restorative justice with 20 participants from NGOs surrounding Bougainville. There is an urgent need for
Bibles here and it was an opportunity also for Derek’s Life-Changing Spiritual Power books to be delivered.

We will also visit the provincial prison to introduce the Self Study Bible Course and promote Derek’s books. Since a lot of people have only heard his teaching on the radio, they need to have access to hard copies of his material.”

Testimonies Received from Prison Inmates

  • “Doing this Self Study Bible Course was a new experience and enabled me to understand how God loves me and helps build my spiritual life. I really thank God for this great and wonderful opportunity for me to do this Bible study and I thank you very much.” - Ben
  • “I began to realize my fullness of life in Christ Jesus; how much God intended for me through Christ to reconcile me back to Him and fully restore me to my original purpose which He predestined before time began. I now live my life as a salt and light to all the world. Thinking, talking, walking Christ’s ways and life, and becoming His representative here on earth as we await His return.” – Former inmate Fredrick
  • “When I went through the Self Study Bible Course it really convicted me of my failures in life, which lead me to this place (prison). Now this Bible study helps and shapes me to follow Christ Jesus and I have accepted Him as my personal saviour. So I really thank God for this wonderful teaching.” – Jonas

If you would like to help our DPM outreach in the Solomon Islands, you may do so securely online. Many thanks for your ongoing partnership with us. 





Rove Police HQ, Academy & Correctional Centre. Prison to the rear.

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