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South Africa

We thank God for the Xhosa translator who is working on Life-Changing Spiritual Power. He wrote: “You are right; there’s great need for this work to reach millions of our people. God has blessed me with His grace and everything I could ask for; yet there is nothing I can do to pay back His love. But I’m convinced I’ll find this work greatly fulfilling.”

In Search of Truth and Bought with Blood in Afrikaans will soon be available. 


Dries and Valerie are editing and printing Derek’s books and also spiral binding many of them. Dries is producing CD teachings in Malagasy, which will be used on mp3 players for leaders.  The Will You Intercede booklet has been translated and printed. The seven Foundations teaching booklets will be translated and printed in Malagasy.


We have printed the Self-Study Bible Course in Chichewa for prison outreach.

—Isabel Surgeon, Director DPM South-Africa