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South Africa: First sub-titled Afrikaans video on YouTube

Derek Prince taught on many foundational Biblical truths that change lives. One of these topics is God's judgement. It is a judgement every person has to face someday and it can be a frightning thought. But why did Jesus Christ on the cross? To save us from God's judgement! Recently we launched our first sub-titled Afrikaans video “Facing God’s Judgment” on YouTube. A volunteer in Holland kindly helped with this project. We can now do electronic translations from Dutch to Afrikaans and then edit them for uploading to YouTube. Have a look! 

We see a growing hunger for God’s Word and Derek’s teaching. Many people want to do group and individual Bible studies, and we can happily offer them Derek’s teaching and study notes.

We also have access to student leaders at schools in Limpopo Province. A friend in the ministry uses the Self-Study Bible Course and Foundations DVDs, teaching both in Venda and English. She also introduced the Self-Study Bible Course to her church. They are now very excited about Derek’s teaching and have been meeting three times weekly to do the studies.

Isabel Surgeon, director DPM South Africa