South Africa: God knows no age restrictions for outreach workers

God knows no age restrictions when it comes to reaching people with the Gospel. Recently, our team in South Africa was contacted by a 70-year-old lady in Cape Town. She told them she has been listening to Derek Prince's Bible teaching on CCFM Radio since 2009 and shared how much she appreciated it. She also shared how it equipped her for ministry: in spite of her age she is still very active and reaches out to abused women, children, gang members and seniors, organizing soup kitchens and street ministry.

We gave her a selection of Derek’s books, DVDs and CDs for personal use and for distribution. "I was in tears after opening the box of material", she said when she rang to thank us for the materials.

We thank the Father in heaven for sisters (and brothers) like this woman, who reach out to others and share God's love, and for the privilege to serve them with Derek's Bible teaching. Many of them we don't know by name, but the Lord does. They are vital laborers to bring in the harvest of heaven! 

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