South Africa: Live teaching through Facebook

South Africa—Isabel Surgeon

We thank God for those who have received and applied Derek’s teaching and are now ministering effectively across Africa.

For instance, Albert and Elaine Chipps in Cape Town. Albert holds a Bible study group on board a ship with colleagues who are eager to receive Derek’s teaching.   

Or Hope, a prominent educator from Thohoyandou, Venda Province. She has been effectively using Derek’s teaching for the past 12 years with other teachers and seeing major improvement in the education field. She has been teaching a new group of student leaders and church members for the past 18 months. They have worked through the Self-Study Bible Course, The Foundations teaching, and 12 Steps to a Good Year. Those who complete the course receive a certificate.

The pastor has seen the impact in his church members and is encouraging Hope to continue. She teaches in English, Venda  and Tsonga and considers it an honor to teach the Venda-speaking people from Derek’s material.

A young lady doctor in Burgersfort reaches out to Arabic, Amharic, Chinese and different African language people in her practice and distributes Derek’s teaching. I gave her a 20-year-old copy of Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose in Amharic which she gave to a local man. He read it and was so impacted he began to pass it to other Amharic friends and family who also read it. He was in Ethiopia over Christmas and shared the message with other family and friends. This doctor also just placed a large order of material that included 100 DVDs on deliverance that she will be giving to patients and friends!

Pastor David Mehari from the Eritrean church in Pretoria launched Derek’s Foundational teaching LIVE on Facebook in Tigrinya, his third “live” session, when 25 people joined in and 100 checked out the teaching afterwards. David believes many more will join as word gets around about the “live” teaching. He has been teaching his congregation from Derek’s Foundations material for years, with approximately 50 attending the Bible study each week. David also translated the Foundations book some years ago, but, sadly, the transcript was stolen with his luggage en route to South Africa. He is hoping to get help to translate the book again.


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