In response to the latest Government guidelines regarding Covid-19, it has been necessary to temporarily reduce our levels of service. Our phone lines will be open from 9am - 2pm Monday to Friday so please call within these hours.  You can place an order, make a donation or submit a prayer request on our website, but you may experience a delay in response, or receiving your goods, as orders will be dispatched twice a week, rather than daily. Thank you for your understanding.

South Africa

South Africa

A new development has taken place between DPM–Netherlands and DPM–South Africa. Because Dutch and Afrikaans have similar roots, it was possible to do an electronic translation of sub-titled DVDs from Dutch to Afrikaans. A test run was accomplished recently with two editors checking the script.

A YouTube site will be set up where we will download all 15 African language, as well as Portuguese and French, DVD teachings. Each language has 10 DVDs. English DVDs will also be added.

We had exciting testimonies from two radio listeners recently on the topic, “No Neutrality": 

  1. "In the sermon I heard this morning on Impact Radio, you asked if I made the decision to serve God that I write to you. Well, I wish to inform you in writing that I choose now, on this day, to serve only God. I know I need guidance in doing so and pray for that guidance from God. There are so many distractions in this world that draw away our attention and cause confusion in our hearts and minds. Thank you for this opportunity."
  2.  I just listened to your message! I have made the decision to follow God with my whole heart from this day forward and not any other God! I love your messages. Lives are being changed, strengthened and encouraged in their walk with the Lord on a daily basis."

- Isabel Surgeon 

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