South Africa: Self Study Bible Course used to disciple students

Hope Ramaphosa of Seeds of Hope Ministries has implemented the Self Study Bible Course material in several ways. She began with 75 school leaders who will work through it and also presented it to two radio stations who will air it online as a course that she will oversee. It will also be available for students to study by email. Students will receive a certificate after completing the course. Hope has requested further study material as well. If this is done in other provinces, it can change the future of this nation through future leaders. Hope presented this course to her church who was so impressed they started it the next week!

Mzi, our Xhosa translator, has completed work on The Holy Spirit in You, God’s Medicine Bottle and Spiritual Warfare. These books will eventually be included in Life-Changing Spiritual Power.

Also Derek's teaching on the Foundations of faith is still impacting many. See if you understand the Afrikaans language! 

Isabel Surgeon, Director DPM South Africa

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