Sri Lanka: Ministering to the Persecuted Church

The area of Ampara, Pottuville & Akkaraipattu in Sri Lanka is known for their great persecution of Christians. Nonetheless, DPM India Director, Elsie and her team went there to teach from God's Word, knowing probably not a great number of pastors would attend their meetings. They had actually been told other ministries were not interested in coming into these areas for the exact reasons mentioned above.  So why did she go, knowing all this?

Why? Because of Christ! This is her exciting report: 

On our very first day, we met the widow of a pastor who had been shot dead in front of her eyes.  She herself was badly wounded in the attack but continues to serve the Lord with all her strength.

Needless to say they were very happy to see us.  One pastor travelled from 70 kms away to attend and held my hand tightly at the end of meeting, profusely thanking me for bringing the message of the fullness of the cross.

Another young pastor testified of being delivered from the spirit of the fear of death, which haunted him from the wars they had seen in yester years & then from the challenges of those opposing the church here.

One pastor who had already attended one of our conferences a couple of years before, testified of the change in his ministry after receiving Derek’s books & the teaching.  He also shared how he had encouraged his co-workers with all he learned and the great transformation he saw in their ministries as well.

One of his women co-workers testified how she is now being used greatly of the Lord in helping people be set free of demonic bondages!

When we arrived in the region we were made to stay in a resort, far away from town.  Apparently hotel owners in the town area are in cooperation with those against the church and give them information of mission teams that come into the area.  But we didn’t mind. The Lord had been good! 


A lady minister in Sri Lanka testified she had attended a previous meeting on Spiritual Warfare and since it has made her fearless towards the devil. She wakes up each day and tells the devil…“I’m coming to get you today…you can’t do me any harm.”

A Pastor from the SouthEastern District said: “I have ministered for several years, but only the message of forgiveness from sins, never knowing the fullness that could be received because of the cross...”  


Another day... same story!

The second day was even more exciting. Elsie wrote in her report:

Another day....same story! Expected below count 109.  Again people travelled from as far as 250 k’s to get here.  One group of people travelled through an extremely dangerous forest area where extremist groups suddenly fall on people and attack.  

Today’s meeting was a more rural area and the people received the Word with more sincerity and open hearts.  And at the end of the Divine Exchange session, the Holy Spirit just seemed to break out in the crowd.  There was nothing we could do, expect stand and wait for the Spirit of God to complete his work. 

Finally 15 minutes later we had to put the brakes on as we were way into our tea break and cutting into the next session.

Pastors who came from the surrounding districts now want us to return to their districts and do the same for the pastors of their region.

Just a real blessing to be here!


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