Please note that currently we are operating with limited capacity because of the Covid-19 outbreak.  We will do all we can to send the materials you have ordered to you but there is likely to be a delay in fulfilling your order. In the meantime, enjoy the Bible teaching we are making available as Free Downloads. Click the button below for details.

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In partnership with local churches in Eastern Ukraine, our team is reaching out to older people who are struggling financially. They are giving out food boxes and are including a copy of a life-giving book by Derek Prince in each box.

So far, they have distributed over 3,600 copies of free books to churches delivering free food packages, putting valuable Bible teaching about salvation, hope and grace into the hands of the elderly. Please pray that the Holy Spirit touched these people during this transitional period.

Furthermore, the Ukrainian team is continuing to provide rehab centres with free materials by Derek Prince, helping addicts to find true freedom in Christ and a purpose for life. (See picture)

Thank you for your prayers and support!

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