Syria: 'I never knew that I’d be able to handle a war like this. But God changes not. What He said He will do!'

How is life for a missionary in Syria? Recently our co-worker George sent us an e-mail. He works for the Bible House in Syria and distributes Derek Prince's materials throughout the country. He said: 

"When you are living from minute-to-minute with awful shelling going on we can all tell you that much of our time is spent 'surviving'. Early Sundaymorning three big shells fell close to our home and my son rushed to the bathroom, which undoubtedly is the safest place in the whole apartment. Praise God we are safe and sound, but so many others have lost their homes and loved ones. Yes, there are funerals taking place every day and this doesn't sound very encouraging, does it?

But we do continue working! Our Bible House is open both in Aleppo and in Damascus. We pray as we go to work and we pray while there and we pray while going back home. It's nice to be together and encourage one another at a time with such terrible darkness.

Melo, who is working with us, said: “I never knew that I’d be able to handle a war like this. Seeing buildings and cars catch fire and a neighbour running to save his own car and giving his life for it would have scared me to death earlier. But more and more I’ve seen God’s hand on my life and on the lives of our Bible House staff and I’m just amazed how we keep on living in the midst of this tragedy.” 

And this is what Melo wrote earlier today, on a day when the shells and rockets didn’t stop falling on ‘us all’. “God changes not. What He said He will do! What He has done He will do again if necessary. Trust, believe, and have hope in Him! Amen” Yes, when tragedy strikes we need Him to hang on to! We have certainly realised during these five years of war that God has been with us. He is our true encouragement. Yes, we can only trust His Word and His Faithfulness!"

In his e-mail George shared some of his prayer needs for Syria, asking us to stand with him in prayer: 

  • Pray for our beloved Syria, which keeps on falling apart. Humanly speaking we are divided not only into geographical areas, but we are not united as a people anymore. Each person is a Syrian of his own kind and so many times we realise that we don’t think that the other is a Human Being. All this bothers us so much! We need the Holy Spirit to work in each person’s life and make us realise once more that every single human being is created in the image of Our Heavenly Father. Pray with us and for us!
  • Pray for us that we will come to the point that we realise that God is Love and that he wants us to Live that Love and show that Love in our homes, in our area of the city, in the city and in the whole country. Our hearts are in need of His Cleansing Power and a true change in our lives to become like Him.
  • Pray for the Church. Maybe the Church has never had the challenge that it’s up against this time. Pray that the leaders of the Church will be true followers of Jesus Christ and be obedient to him only.
  • Pray for all the ways that the Word of God is being brought to people: Through Scriptures, through the Radio, through the TV and through His People living for Him and sharing this life with others. This is the time!


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