Teaching and ministry conference in India: two days isn't enough

When we were invited by the Ascent to Life Ministries to partner with them in taking Derek’s teaching into West Bengal, we gladly agreed. But little did we know that we headed out into one of the most interior regions of West Bengal and to a large group of people who had followed Jesus from the Santali people tribe that is found largely in Orissa and West Bengal.

We were given two days to teach. I was told, initially, the first day was to the Pastors, leaders and Elders and the second day to the women.

As I began to teach, I realised that most of these people had very, very little knowledge of the Bible. So I had to step down my level of teaching to make it easily understandable.

This also meant that we had to slow down our pace and so it would be impossible to complete all the Divine Exchange and Curse to Blessing teaching in a day.

The first session complete and people’s faces began to light up. They now did not want to leave, even if we gave them a break, and they came back before we did at the end of the break. The hunger was evident and it was a joy to satisfy their hungry souls.

Not being able to complete the sessions in a day, I asked them to return the next day which they gladly did, bringing more people with them. So the women’s meeting turned into a “plus Pastors and leaders” meeting and we taught on Causes for Curses and Steps to Release.

At the end we led them in prayer to break curses over their lives and the response was tremendous. We could feel that this is where the teaching was needed more than anywhere we have been in India.

That being done, we were ready to close the meeting. But this is India!

And we can’t close without laying hands on each and every person. So the next two hours were spent in praying for various diseases. Many demons were cast out. One tribal woman went flat out on the floor like she was dead for almost 20 minutes. But when she was able to rise again, she was completely free!

Each Pastor/leader was given a copy of the Life Changing Spiritual Power book in Bengali along with copies of Self Study Bible Course to train their church Elders. We left with great joy – but before we left we had to promise that we would come back again next year with more teaching! Praise God for the harvest ahead!!

Elsie & Danny

DPM-India Directors

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