Testimonies after 10 days of teaching in Sri Lanka: "I now recognise the curse of idolatry working in her family and am able break it off!"

Our DPM-India Directors, Elsie and Danny, made a 10-day teaching and ministry trip to Sri Lanka in August, accompanied by translator, Ps Prince. A few highlights from the trip, as reported by Elsie:

"In Valachennai (east) a huge crowd had gathered - more than 200 people. I taught on How to Pass from Curse to Blessing. Great responses as usual here. One lady immediately testified of how she was able to recognise the curse of idolatry working in her family and break it off. Another lady, with tears, testified of how the Lord had convicted her of her sins as she listened to the teaching - and that she was able to confess, break the curses and feel the freedom. A man from Saudi Arabia on holiday in Sri Lanka - an accidental attendee at today's conference - shared that the teaching session had clearly put in place everything that he had been suffering for the last 15 years. He said God spoke to him clearly through the teaching showing him why he was going through what he was going through, what he needed to set right and how to do it. He wanted to share the teaching with his father who is back in Saudi. Fortunately, I had the video links to the sessions I had previously recorded and was able to immediately share them with him.

In Haputale (south) I preached on Authority - Principles of Use (based on Derek's teaching The Rod of God) at St Andrew’s Anglican church to 18 pastors. A small crowd, yet very impactful, as each individual was capable of impacting several other leaders. This was our first time in Haputale, so a breakthrough meeting. One pastor said how thankful he was for the teaching as it confirmed to him that sound doctrine was an absolute basis for authority. Then the Anglican minister said what a blessing the meeting had been for him. He said many were fearful to use the authority they had as they just did not understand what God's plan for them was and the teaching had brought such clarity that now they could step forward without fear and use the authority.

And then came the best part... 18 pastors in an Anglican church shook the heavenlies as they took their stand in a new revelation of their authority and spoke to the four directions of Haputale for its revival, led by Danny. Praise God for what He is doing, and will be doing, in this area!"