Testimonies from Croatia

Ivan wrote on Facebook: “Derek Prince is my spiritual father. If I had not seen and heard his video tapes, I would have never met Jesus Christ as my personal Savior…. I live in Germany now, but in 1992 I got my mother a set of Derek´s video tapes. We watched them and were convinced that his teaching was truth. So we went to the church in Florida where Derek was. Both of us were baptized in water, and later on in the Spirit.”
After some years, Ivan and his mother returned to Germany, where they are still faithful members of a Pentecostal church.

Stjepan, a former Communist Party member, called and said, “I am 84 years old and had an operation of the heart three times. I visited a Roman Catholic Charismatic meeting and bought a few of Derek’s books. They were excellent, and I am calling you because of that. Every person with a sound mind will say that Derek’s teachings are wonderful. Please continue with this work, do not give up. Many people are deceived and are ignoring the truth.”

Željko liked many of our Facebook posts. He said: “Derek is my favorite Bible teacher. I could listen to him 24 hours a day. His teaching has shaped my beliefs. Often, when I do not know what to do, I tell my wife, ‘Let’s listen to Derek.’” 

Damir & Irene Blazic, DPM outreach workers Croatia

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