Testimonies from online outreach in the Middle East

Online outreach becomes an increasingly important part of our ministry. DPM outreach workers in the Middle East are contacted daily via social media by seekers and new believers. They listen to their personal stories, answer their questions, pray for them, offer free resources and invite them for online discipleship. This approach is bearing much fruit, as becomes clear in these two testimonies from August.

Imane is 42 years old. She is a M.B.B. from Algeria. She was a fanatic Muslim until she had a problem with her heart and doctors told her that she would pass away in ten days. She was devastated when she heard about her fatal condition. In those ten days, Jesus appeared to her in a dream, not just once but three times. However, she ignored it and read the Quran.

At some point, someone told her husband that Jesus did a miracle for his daughter and that he too should go to a church and pray for his wife. Her husband asked his friend to give him a Bible. Imane accepted to go to the church with her husband but she also made it very clear to him that she would not change her believes.

After that, Imane started watching Christian channels, which marked the start of her search. After a lot of inner conflicts, she finally believed and accepted Jesus in her life. She also started to tell her friends about Jesus. Her testimony was the reason that three of her friends have now joined us in our online discipleship groups.

Online contacts and meeting in real person are often related, for instance when Karim contacted us. Karim is a 43 years-old M.B.B. from Tunisia, who shared his story with us.

Twenty-two years ago, Karim saw Jesus in a vision. Jesus came to him and healed him from his illness. He also told him: "Follow Me". Today, Karim is a servant of God in Tunisia. He works on planting new churches, which involves a lot of spiritual warfare as he faces opposition as well as open hearts. We invited him to meet one of our team members face to face to walk the rest of the journey with him for encouragement and support, which he gladly accepted.

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