Testimony from DPM Online Bible School in Belarus

Anna said her journey in the Bible School for more than two years was like exploring the unknown country of life in the Spirit, the practical application of knowledge in intercessory prayer, following God, the ability to recognize His voice, love, and apply His Word. Derek Prince spoke his interpretation of the Bible so boldly and calmly. She faces non-acceptance and resistance to the idea of growing in awe of God and learning to be more obedient, but by faith, she is overcoming her fear and anxiety.

She wrote, “I want to be devoted to the Lord and seek praise from Him, but unfortunately - or maybe fortunately? - for I am poor and needy, and my strength is meagre as is my ability to think correctly. But this is my victory! I admit my weakness and ask for help. At such moments I declare that I am in a mighty fortress, in the name of the Lord. Although I can see and hear danger, I am protected, and I am safe! You know, when you have tasted the good word of God, you don’t want to lose such treasure!”

She said she was so grateful that this course is available online. In any place and at any time, she can access her device and read it. She repeats topics, rereads her answers to questions or repeats key verses. She said this resource constantly inspires and brings support for many people and leaders. She appreciates and is grateful for having the opportunity to discover the knowledge of truth and to care for other people and their salvation.

The online study has also helped her to make progress in the area of praise, and being consistent in thanking God. She has now marked some verses in her Bible with multi-coloured markers about the character of God, righteousness, God's commands to people, the strength of our words in life, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the promises of “who am I in Jesus Christ...". Now when she opens the bible in prayer, she can quickly find the right places by colour.

Anna often lacks answers to questions people ask and finds it terrifying not to know or be sure. But these lessons are time-tested lectures. The training gives her calmness and confidence as she continues to learn more about our Lord.

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