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James and Elizabeth, our outreach workers in Pakistan, returned to Quetta in western Pakistan to speak to 200 pastors and leaders.

"We taught from Derek’s teaching on the gifts of the Spirit and gave the book, The Gifts of the Spirit, to each attendee, for which they were very grateful. Many testified they had never heard this teaching before.

One said, “I have read countless books but have never seen an Urdu-language book on this vital topic. This free copy is a special gift for me. Thank you, DPM.”  We also gave attendees SD cards with Derek’s audio messages. The joy and gratitude was clearly evident on their faces."

Another testimony they received:

“I am the owner of a travel agency and was reading Declaring God’s Word daily, which was given to me by my pastor friend. Reading this devotion has changed my life. We started this business with lots of prayers and blessings. But during the course of 32 years, it became too much “business,” and there was no God in it at all. I was lost in the “money business” and went astray from God.

The Declaring God’s Word daily reading has not only brought change in my personal life, but it also has inspired me to bring God back into my business. It is a blessed change. Thank you very much for helping me come back on track and glorify His name through my business.”