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The last few months we have completed several projects in Israel. Some of them are continuous projects, like the distribution of Derek's booklet 'Our Debt to Israel'. In this booklet, Derek shares the unique role played by the Jewish people in God's plans for salvation of the world. For more than ten years we have furnished thousands of English-speaking visitors with a copy of this booklet, 'Our Debt to Israel' upon their arrival.  

Derek's book 'The Foundation Series' is currently being prepared for a revised second edition printing in Hebrew. 

A pastor and business from Israel wrote an encouraging letter:
"I want to thank you for the books that you gave us recently. It is difficult to know exactly how many people are touched by Derek's work, but increasingly more people tell me how their lives have been impacted. 

The body in Israel is very small and the soil in Israel is hard. Whoever sows a seed must have patience for the harvest and I really believe that this work should continue because one day, the harvest will be big but until then we must be patient and continue by faith.If spiritual growth in Israel was measured by results versus investment, no ministry would do anything here. However, the investment of DPM Israel is vitally important for the local body here in Israel.We are truly thankful for all you do." 

To all supporters of DPM, we want to say thank you on behalf of this pastor and all believers in Israel. Only through your prayers and financial support, by God's grace, are we able to continue reaching out to God's special people!  


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