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We received an encouraging testimony from a school principal in Pakistan. He wrote how Derek's teaching has brought a transformation in his school. He said: 

"I have the responsibility of being a school principal and have 18 teachers and nine other staff. I was ill-prepared to lead these 27 people to manage 650 students and struggled for several years. It is a Christian school, but with no Christian principles.

I have been reading Derek’s books and have some of the audio teachings in Urdu as well. These have given me a wonderful opportunity to grow in my personality and have provided me with a strong foundation to manage our school well. Whatever I learned from these books and CDs, I started investing in my teachers and staff. This has given a good boost to our school reputation.

I see change not only in the teachers and staff, but this transformation is flowing down to the students as well, who are mostly Muslims. Praise be to God that we are moving from good to excellent."


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