Testimony from Ukraine

Taisya (35) lives in Ukraine. Two years ago, she was introduced to the Bible for the first time and became a believer. But, she said, like many new converts who begin to study the Bible by themselves, I couldn't see some very important things. I'm very grateful for the 'faith hero' Derek Prince, because, through his Bible teaching, I am now able to dig deeper into the Scripture. and to see my life through God's eyes and to understand the cause of my spiritual problems.

Derek's book Blessing or Curse gives plain and thorough teaching about how to use God's Word in daily life and how to effectively resist the enemy of our souls! It also teaches how we can effectively use the power given to us to serve God. Thank you for making this teaching available, Your work has a huge contribution in my life and in the lives many other people! Taisya.

On the picture Taisya is holding "Blessing or Curse, You Can Choose".

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