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We received a powerful testimony from New Zealand. Can books change someone's life, and walk with God? Yes, they can! 

I started listening to Derek’s tapes a few years ago and have read some of his books. Each time I listened, he would say things I have never heard in the churches I used to attend. I have been a born-again Christian for 17 years and filled with the Holy Spirit, but I need the kind of teaching that Derek gives.

Derek’s teachings have made me realize I was not living the new life in Christ. I go to church, but I never hear any preaching that would change my life. However, when I listen to Derek’s preaching, I realize there are a lot of things I’m doing that I’m not supposed to do as a Christian. So his teaching has helped me make some changes.

My life is not where it used to be, so his books and tapes have helped me tremendously because as I read, I try to practice what he says—books such as: Who Cares for Widows and Orphans?; Does Your Tongue Need Healing?; God’s Plan for Your Money; Pride vs Humility, and many other books, proclamation cards and Teaching Letters.

All of them helped me with my spiritual life. Derek’s teaching for me personally is on a “supernatural level” and I love it all. There are times when I would rather not go to my part-time job but stay home to read and listen to his podcasts. Whatever he taught, I want to know it all, because I want to have a real “intimate relationship” with God.

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