Testimony: 'Listening to Derek's radio broadcasting was my grandmother's spiritual food!'

Derek's Bible teaching is being translated and distributed in over 100 languages worldwide. Our goal is not simply to get as many materials out as possible, but to make disciples of Jesus Christ. It's all about God's glory. The feedback we receive about the impact Derek's teaching makes in peoples lives is truly a blessing and we only share it to honour the Lord.

Recently, we received this e-mail, showing how Derek's radio broadcasts reached God-seeking people in the time of Communism: 

I was about 15 years old, a young Moslem, living in a small city. It was several years before the collapse of Soviet Union. My grandmother lived in Baku (Azerbaijan) and she was a Christian. She had been attending the Orthodox church, since could not find any Protestant church during Soviet times.

I remember, when we would come to visit my grandmother, she was listening to Derek Prince on the radio regularly; she was shining as this teaching was very precious for her; she was standing on her knees and listening, often with tears. This was her spiritual food. Sometimes she could not hear the broadcasts well because of obstacles caused by government and at those times she was very frustrated.

In that time I was still a Moslem, but I was amazed how Derek Prince' words could change my grandmother so much. Today, I'm a follower of Jesus Christ myself and now I am one of Derek's 'students', like my grandmother was before me. I am very grateful for the ministry of DPM!

Thanks to your generosity in prayer and finances DPM can continue to reach people like these. Thank you! 

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