Thanks to your generosisty we are helping Nepali new converts discover more about Jesus

One of our DPM Outreach volunteers from Nepal writes:
"Thank you so much for supporting DPM Outreaches in South East Asia. Your generosity has enabled us to bless Nepali believers working in Malaysia and beyond.

You see, there are over 700,000 Nepalese workers in Malaysia and we are serving them through 70 Nepali churches. Many Nepalese who come to contact with these churches are being saved and are seeking to discover more about Jesus.

A believer in my church worked with a migrant Nepali fellowship there. He is back home now, but has a burden to keep in contact with new converts, who also returned to Nepal, given that some return to their old religion.

So we held a seminar in our church for 50 Nepali people who came home from Malaysia and gave each participant a copy of the Self-Study Bible Course and three other books by Derek Prince.

We are hoping that these people we trained will go and train and encourage others. Please pray with us that God will bless our efforts and that this work with bear much fruit for His Kingdom."


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