This week's Devotional: God Is Alive!

The LORD lives! Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be God my Saviour!
PSALM 18:46

Sometimes the shortest sentences state the most important facts. “The LORD lives!” God is alive! This one simple statement is more significant than all the complicated formulae in all the books of theology that have ever been written.

At one time Martin Luther was facing such overwhelming opposition, both human and satanic, that he began to lose his confidence in God and in himself and to give way to despair. One day his wife, Käthe, appeared at the breakfast table completely attired in the traditional black garb of mourning. “Why are you wearing mourning today?” Luther asked her. “Because God is dead,” she replied. “Nonsense, woman,” Luther said, “God is not dead.” “Well, if God is not dead,” Käthe rejoined, “why do you act as if He is?”

Käthe’s rebuke helped Luther to regain a proper spiritual focus, and with it his confidence in God and in himself. He realised that as long as God lives, no situation is hopeless and no problem insoluble. More recently someone has expressed the same thought in mathematical terms: One plus God is always a majority.

Some time back there was a school of theology identified by the slogan: God is dead. History has proved them wrong. Today that school of theology is dead. Many of the theologians who espoused it are probably dead, too. But God lives on. Because God lives, He is both a Rock and a Saviour. Asa Rock, He is unchanging and impregnable. As a Saviour, He offers forgiveness and eternal security.

Faith’s Response

As long as God lives, I will live, for God is my life.

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