This week's Devotional: God’s Banquet Table

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.

PSALM 23:5

All that is contained in this verse flows, just as the previous verses do, from the great basic relationship stated in the opening verse: “The LORD is my shepherd.” Once this relationship has been established in our lives, the outworking of it can be the same for each of us as it was for David.

The fifth verse—here quoted—unfolds three main aspects of God’s provision for us: a prepared table; our head anointed with oil; our cup overflowing. At first we might conclude that all this indicates a situation in which everything is going just the way we want and we have no problems and no opposition. But the very opposite is the case! All this bounteous provision of God is made available to us “in the presence of our enemies.” It is important to realise that the presence of our enemies cannot keep us from enjoying God’s complete provision for us.

On the contrary, it is in just such a situation that God especially delights to demonstrate both His power and His abundance. In the presence of our enemies God spreads His banquet for us. Then He says to our enemies: “This is my provision for My children. They will enjoy it right before your eyes, and you will not be able to harm them or take it from them.”

Sometimes, however, we are tempted to take our eyes off the Lord and focus on our enemies. Then we begin to say, “If it were not for my enemies, I know that God would bless me and provide for me.” Instead our attitude should be, “Because of my enemies I am expecting God’s best.”

Faith’s Response

I will not let fear of my enemies keep me from enjoying God’s best, wherever He provides it for me.

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