This week's Devotional: One All-Sufficient Relationship

The LORDis my shepherd, I shall not lack.
PSALM 23:1

I never read those familiar words without marvelling. Familiarity has never diminished their impact. What tremendous confidence David had! What absolute security! “I shall not lack.” There will never arise a need in my life for which I shall not have the supply, no matter what the need may be. Whether it be spiritual, physical or financial, the supply is guaranteed. “I shall not lack!”

If David had added anything to his statement, he would have spoiled it. If he had said, “I shall not lack money, or food, or health, or clothes”—or whatever else—he would have set limits to his statement. But he left it unlimited. “I shall not lack”—full stop!

What was the secret of David’s assurance? Is it possible for you and me to share that assurance? David’s secret is very simple, very clear: “The LORD is my shepherd.” That was the sole and sufficient basis of David’s assurance. It is not a statement of doctrine, but of a relationship—an intimate personal relationship with the Lord.

The statement is in the present tense—“The Lord is my shepherd”—not “was,” not “will be.” David is not looking back to the past, or ahead to the future. He focuses on the immediate present. Here and now—just at this moment—the Lord is my shepherd. Just two persons are involved—the Lord and David.

On the basis of a similar relationship, each of us may have a similar assurance. Here and now I am related to the Lord as my shepherd. Out of that relationship I have total security. I know that all my needs will be supplied.

Faith’s Response

Lord, I affirm that You are indeed my shepherd, and I thank You for the assurance that all my needs will be supplied.

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