Today's Foundations Devotional: Could you share the Gospel?

We have seen that in each case where the gospel is presented, faith is required to make a simple, personal response. The word used to describe this response may vary, but the essential nature of the response is always the same. In the cases which we have considered, the following words are used to describe this response: to call; to come; to drink; to receive.

As we have pointed out, each of these denotes a simple, familiar act such as anybody can understand and carry out. There is one other vitally important feature which is common to all these acts: each is an act that the person must do for himself; no one can perform any of these acts on behalf of another person.

Each person must call for himself; each person must come for himself; each person must drink for himself; each person must receive for himself. So it is with the response to the gospel. Each person must make his own response; no person can make the response required from another.

Each person will be either saved or lost solely by his own response. It is the duty of every responsible Christian – whether minister or layman – to be thoroughly acquainted with these simple facts of the gospel and also with the various ways in which the New Testament presents the need for a personal response to the gospel from each soul.

The work of Christ’s kingdom would be greatly benefited if every minister would continually incorporate these facts into the sermons he preaches. Where sermons are regularly preached without the clear presentation of these facts, it is questionable whether anything of eternal value will result.

Heavenly Father, help me to fully understand these clear basic facts of the Gospel. Lord, I call upon You, I come to You Jesus, I consciously let You enter into my heart. Thank You Lord, that the gospel has been preached to me and that through Your Spirit you have worked in my heart to say 'yes!' To You! Amen.


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