Today's Foundations Devotional: Give attention to God’s Word

As we consider the claim made in Proverbs 4:20-22 that God’s Word is medicine for all our flesh, we might call these three verses God’s great “medicine bottle.” They contain a medicine such as was never compounded on earth – one medicine guaranteed to cure all diseases.

However, when a doctor prescribes a medicine, he normally ensures that the directions for taking it are written clearly on the bottle. This implies that no cure can be expected unless the medicine is taken regularly, according to the directions. The same is true with God’s “medicine” in Proverbs. The directions are “on the bottle,” and no cure is guaranteed if the directions are not followed.

What are these directions? They are fourfold.

1. “Give attention to my words.”

2. “Incline your ear.”

3. “Do not let them depart from your eyes.”

4. “Keep them in the midst of your heart.”

Let us analyse these directions a little more closely. The first direction is “give attention to my words.” As we read God’s Word, we need to give it close and careful attention. We need to focus our understanding upon it. We need to give it free, unhindered access to our whole inward being. So often we read God’s Word with divided attention. Half our mind is occupied with what we read; the other half is occupied with those things which Jesus called “the cares of this life.” We read some verses, or perhaps even a chapter or two, but at the end we have no clear impression of what we have read. Our attention has wandered.

Taken in this way, God’s Word will not produce the effects God intended. When reading the Bible, it is well to do what Jesus recommended when He spoke of prayer; that is, to enter our closet and shut the door. We must shut ourselves in with God and shut out the things of the world.

Father, I want to learn to focus on Your Word, undivided and with full attention. Help me to read Your word that way, so that it will release the healing for my spirit, my soul and my body that I need. Thank You for the power of Your Word and Your help to take it as medicine! Amen.


Derek wrote a small, but very powerful booklet on this subject which we highly recommend: God’s Medicine Bottle.

Check out the link below for details:


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