Today's Foundations Devotional: Introduction to Part 2 - Repent and believe

Repentance and faith are two major topics in the Bible.

But what do they really mean?

How are they related, and how can they become part of your life?

This part of your daily study in God’s Word, will help you discover the importance and the power of both repentance and faith.

You will find out what God says about the importance of repentance, a definite decision of the will, and how it is contrasted with remorse.

Learn too about the relationship between faith and repentance and how repentance must always precede true faith.

Derek reveals that many of the problems that Christians face, are as a direct result of the fact that they have never truly repented.

As you study this vital topic, ask God to grant you understanding and the desire and ability to truly repent, that you might be able to prepare for the next vital step – faith toward God.


Click on the link below for the Derek Prince book that these daily devotionals are based on:

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