Today's Foundations Devotional: The most important thing is to know you are saved

Yesterday we’ve seen that the Gospel should be shared with simple, basic truths, and requires a personal response in order to be saved for Eternity. I never mention this point without recalling an incident that took place in my own experience while I was working as a minister in London, England. The incident concerns a lady whom we may call Mrs. H. Mrs. H. had been coming regularly to our house for some weeks to give piano lessons to our two youngest daughters. We did not know much about Mrs. H. except that she was a respectable woman who took some active part in the women’s missionary organisation in the local protestant church.

One day we learned that Mrs. H. had been rushed to the hospital, gravely ill, and was not expected to live. I felt it my duty to visit her in the hospital. When I explained that I was a minister, the nurse told me I could see her for five minutes, and not a moment longer. Without further ado, I told Mrs. H. that she might well be on the threshold of eternity and asked whether, in such a condition, she had the assurance that her sins were forgiven and that she was ready to meet God. She replied that she did not.

I then told her very clearly and simply the basic facts of the gospel: that Christ suffered death as the punishment for our sins; that He was buried and rose again the third day; that we may be saved through believing these facts, but that God expects a definite, personal response of faith from each person who desires to be saved.

I asked her if she wished to make this response, and she said that she did. I asked Mrs. H. to follow me in prayer, and I said out loud a prayer of a few short sentences, repeating the facts of the gospel and claiming God’s promise of salvation. Mrs. H. repeated each sentence after me. I then asked her if she now believed that she was saved, and she said yes.

Thus from the moment I began to deal with Mrs. H. about her soul, it took me less than four minutes to present the gospel to her and to lead her to the assurance of salvation. In this way Mrs. H. obtained peace in her heart which she had never known in all her previous life. As a direct consequence of obtaining peace in her heart, she made a rapid and unexpected recovery and was soon discharged from the hospital. A few weeks later Mrs. H. was back at our house again to resume her piano lessons. When the lessons were over, I said, “Mrs. H.,”I understand that for many years you have faithfully attended your church every week and have even taken an active part in the life of the church. Yet, when the moment of crisis came and you found yourself face-to-face with eternity, you were not at all ready to die or to face God. Do you mind my asking: What kind of subjects does your minister preach about each Sunday?”

“Well,” she replied, “he usually preaches about the Christian life and growing in grace.” “But,” I replied, “it was no use whatever preaching to you about leading the Christian life or growing in grace because you had never been born again, and so it was quite impossible for you to lead the Christian life or grow in grace. It is impossible for a baby to start growing up before it has ever been born.”

“Yes,” she replied, “I realise now that that is true. I’m going to speak to my minister about it.” When I saw Mrs. H. again the next week, I asked, “Well, did you speak to your minister?” “Yes, I did,” she replied. “And what did he preach about last Sunday?” I asked.

“He preached that the most important thing is to know that you are saved.”

Oh! If only these words could somehow be impressed upon every person attending every church that professes the Christian faith: “The most important thing is to know that you are saved.”

Heavenly Father, thank You that I have the assurance that I am saved, because I have come to know You, Lord Jesus, and accepted You as My Lord and Saviour! I ask you to help me to be a witness of the truth of the Gospel, so that many in my environment will also find that eternal certainty! Amen.


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