Today's Foundations Devotional: The Scripture cannot be broken

Let us now take one more brief look at the words of Jesus in John 10:35 which we’ve looked at yesterday. Not merely does Jesus set His personal seal of approval upon the Bible’s two main titles – “the Word of God” and “the Scripture” – He also sets His seal of approval quite clearly upon the Bible’s claim to complete authority, for He says, “... and the Scripture cannot be broken.”

This short phrase, “cannot be broken,” contains within it every claim for supreme and divine authority that can ever be made on behalf of the Bible. Volumes of controversy may be written either for or against the Bible, but in the last resort Jesus has said all that is necessary in five simple words: “the Scripture cannot be broken.”

When we give proper weight to the Bible’s claim that the men associated with it were in every case merely instruments or channels and that every message and revelation in it has its origin with God Himself, there remains no logical or reasonable ground for rejecting the Bible’s claim to complete authority. We are living in days when men can launch satellites into space and then, by means of invisible forces such as radio, radar or electronics, control the course of these satellites at distances of thousands or millions of miles, can maintain communication with them and can receive communication from them.

If men can achieve such results as these, then only blind prejudice – and that of a most unscientific character – would deny the possibility that God could create human beings with mental and spiritual faculties such that He could control or direct them, maintain communication with them and receive communication from them. The Bible asserts that this is in fact what God has done and still continues to do.

The discoveries and inventions of modern science, so far from discrediting the claims of the Bible, make it easier for honest and open-minded people to picture the kind of relationship between God and men which made the Bible possible.

Lord, although the world around me - and also science - for the most part denies You, I am so grateful to You that you have enlightened my mind, and many millions of others, in this time and in the past centuries, so that we may know You personally by Your Word through Your Word. I can never thank You enough!


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