Training Iranian pastors: 'There is a huge spiritual hunger!'

In June, a group of ministers from Iran gathered in a secret place for a week of special training. Of all these ministers are leading a network of underground churches, so it was very strategic (although risky) to gather and train them.

Living as Christian in an Islamic country is a challenge. Having a sound doctrinal foundation is essential to endure the daily trials and challenges. Pastoring a church in such a country is an even bigger challenge. That’s why DPM is devoted to supplying these leaders with the needed Bible materials, but also to train them for their ministry.

The training in June was the launch of DPM’s special 30x13-class for the Iranian underground church. It is part of DPM’s 30x13 project, that makes 30 of Derek’s most foundational teachings available in 13 main languages. 

“Our first seminar was entitled "Protection from Deception," said the DPM-trainer. “It was very productive and blessed. There is a huge spiritual hunger in Iran, but less knowledge and because of it often ministers fall into extremes. These students are pastors, but most of them hardly know the basics of Christian faith. They don’t know what to preach or teach. We all need to heed not to be deceived, and this teaching is very practical in that area.”

Other topics that will be studied are:

  • Laying the Foundation;
  • Exercising spiritual gifts;
  • Appropriating the power of the Cross;
  • Basics of deliverance;
  • The enemies we face;
  • Release from the curse;
  • Thanksgiving, praise and worship;
  • Two harvests;
  • Why Israel;
  • God’s Word

All students were given a full package of Derek’s books in Farsi language, plus SD cards with the 30x13 video teachings. Please, keep praying for them and for our team who is preparing a next, secret, training camp.  

The 30x13 videos are also available in English and can be ordered through our shop

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