Ukraine: Festival of Hope 5-day tent outreach

In August, DPM outreach worker German and his team hosted a wonderful 5-day tent outreach in the city of Svetlovodsk, Ukraine. Three churches of the city took an active part in holding the 'Festival of Hope'.

Each day, three events were held in a big tent within the framework of the Festival:

  • Breakfast with a Friend, where we welcomed 50-70 people each morning, 
  • Children's Party, which attracted 80-100 people each afternoon, and
  • Evening Concert, with 150-250 attendees each night.

Believers from different churches brought their unbelieving acquaintances with them so that the tent was always full.

Every day, after the message of God's love and prayer of repentance, we asked those who prayed for the first time today to raise their hands.  And each day, some 30 to 40 people raised their hands, after which a team of counselors from local churches got to know them and exchanged contacts for further contact. Also, they received a small teaching resource by Derek Prince to help them understand the Gospel better. 

On the last day of the Festival of Hope, the mayor of the city of Svetlovodsk Andrei Ivanovich Malitsky spoke with words of gratitude. Pastors from other cities of Ukraine, having visited our tent, are invited to hold similar Festivals in their cities, Korosten, Odessa, Dnipro.

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