"We didn't pray for them - all we did was teach!" - Great deliverance in Sri Lanka

Derek Prince Ministries’ constant endeavor in Sri Lanka has been to bring a message of enduring hope through Christ Jesus. There are many challenges facing pastors in the island nation of Sri Lanka. It is very difficult to disciple people in their area.

We leave each visit with a promise to come back with more of Derek’s teaching materials, to help the committed Christians build their spiritual lives on a strong foundation.

We are now conducting the DPM Bible Training course twice a year in different cities. Through these conferences held throughout the nation, many soul-stirring and inspiring testimonies have been received.

After one seminar, a young Pastor and his wife began to teach at their church on curses and blessings. They used the Life-Changing Spiritual Power book which we gave as a guide to help them along. As a result, things that had been placed in the homes of their congregation—items of witchcraft and sorcery—began to manifest and be revealed. Many received great deliverance because of these teachings. They did not go to the houses of believers or pray for them—all they did was teach!

Fresh pespective

A senior pastor (67 years old) who has 47 branch churches under his oversight in the northern districts, travelled all the way from Sri Lanka to our office in Trichy, India to give thanks for the books and teaching he had received.

He said they have given him a fresh perspective, and inspired and emboldened him, to minister the truth of God’s Word rather than fables that are pleasing to the ears of men.

Over the past three years, together with our Sri Lanka coordinators Sam and Olivia, we have been able to touch the lives—and provide Bible teaching—to no less than 5,000 leaders across this nation.

This has been possible through your generous donations, and we would like to say a huge “thank you” for helping us bring Derek’s teaching to these leaders.


Watch this short video about how Derek Prince Ministries is impacting believers’ lives in Sri Lanka.

Both your prayers and gifts are pivotal to the ongoing progress DPM Asia/Pacific is making in bringing Derek Prince’s teaching to Sri Lanka.We are grateful for your ongoing support.



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