Surprising graduation ceremony at Xplore Nations Bible College Egypt

XploreNations Bible College Egypt was established in 2009, and now has 650 students from 13 campuses. These works are located around the capitol city, as well as up to 6 hours out into the desert in what is known as Upper Egypt. Last year Nader, the the Egyptian director of Xplore Nations Bible College, ordered 500 copies of Derek’s book of Foundations for Righteous Living to be used in his college. Last week Albert, DPM Egypt director, received a phone call from Nader, inviting him to the graduation ceremony for master's students. Read what happened!

Albert: “The place was in full, but Nader asked me to sit in the front and I enjoyed the celebration. Suddenly, before handing out the graduation certificates, Nader said: “We’d like to thank Derek Prince Ministries because they offered us Derek's books with his wonderful teaching almost for free.” Then he invited me to come to the stage! The American director and founder of the College gave me the honor Shield of their college as an expression of their thankfulness to DPM. I accounted this honor not belonging to me or DPM Egypt but to everyone who has contributed to make Derek's teaching available in the Arabic language.

On behalf of our Arabic speakers' people, I like to thank you for your support to our Arabic nation.”

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