Youth Convention Solomon Islands: Greater understanding of the Holy Spirit

Our Solomon Islands Coordinator, Hudson, recently reported how many young people have been blessed by Derek's Bible teaching. 

"The Methodist church held a youth convention for young people in order to teach them about the work of the Holy Spirit, using Derek’s book Life Changing Spiritual Power (specifically the material from The Holy Spirit in You).  Hundreds of young people now have a much greater understanding of the Holy Spirit. 

During June, I attended a youth rally organised by the South Sea Evangelical Church in Auki in the Malaita Province.  This involved a five-hour drive on very challenging roads.  Many people in this province have been blessed by Derek’s radio programme and a number of them shared how they came to know Christ through these programmes and how the teaching has helped them to mature in their spiritual life. 

We have been able to penetrate through some of the religious barriers in one of our provinces in Choiseul (southeast of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea).  I have been working closely with two contacts there in order to send Derek’s books to them. One recipient of Derek’s books wrote to say his life has been transformed by reading Derek’s teaching."

Thank you for supporting our outreach to these people!









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