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DPM is at the forefront of combating this spiritual hunger worldwide by making Derek's Bible teaching available in over 120 languages. It is God's grace that makes this possible and we thank Him for supporters like you, who stand with us in prayer. 

Your prayer support is always vital as we seek to respond effectively to the requests from pastors, evangelists and students in developing countries. Also, for the safe production and delivery of materials in countries ‘closed’ to the Gospel, or for our prison outreach and ministry to young leaders. In our latest Prayer and Praise calendar you will read about projects and needs to pray for. 

Be encouraged to pray boldly! 

Here is something that I believe strongly. If you are a child of God, you have the right to walk right down the centre of the road and say, “Devil, stand aside. There’s a child of God coming down the road. You have to move!”

This is one hundred percent scriptural because this is our right and our position in Jesus Christ. I believe we please God when we understand this boldness and use it. In general, I do not believe God is pleased by a lot of snivelling prayers: “O Lord, please . . .” There are genuine times to cry before the Lord, supplicating and laying hold upon God. But many times, God is most pleased when we accept our position in Christ, believe the authority Scripture gives us, and act accordingly with courage and boldness.

We see a wonderful example of such boldness in the book of Esther. There we read the story of the plot by Haman to exterminate the entire Jewish nation living in Persian exile. With judgment hanging over the Jewish people, Mordecai went out into the middle of the city and put on sackcloth. He himself had no access to King Ahasuerus. Esther, however, did. She put on her royal garments and went boldly right into the presence of the king. By her boldness, she changed the entire situation.

There are times when you can put on sackcloth for as long as you like. But one of the laws of the Kingdom is not to enter the King’s gate clothed in sackcloth. If you will realize that you are a queen (a royal Bride), you can put on your beautiful garments and walk into the King’s court with authority. The golden sceptre will be held out to you and the King will say,  “What can I do for you?”

God is delighted when we look to His Word. He is especially delighted when we believe boldly what His Word declares, even without evidence, circumstances, symptoms or any natural indications in the situation. God wants to say to us, “You’re My partner. I want you to share My throne and tell Me what I can do for you.” Any parent can realize how this pleases God. We do not want slavish, cowering obedience from our children. We want them to believe in our goodness, in our love for them, in our ability to provide for them and in our faithfulness. Should we believe that God wants any less of us?

Taken from:  'Spiritual Warfare for the Endtimes'


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