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DPM is at the forefront of combating spiritual hunger worldwide by making Derek's Bible teaching available in over 120 languages.

When we look back at 2018, our heart is filled with gratitude towards God, seeing His providence, protection, everyday guidance and countless other blessings.  

You are one of those blessings.  You are powerfully used behind the scenes through your prayer support!

With the New Year approaching, we thank God for His faithfulness. As His Word says, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. We don't know how 2018 has been for you, or how you look to the coming year, but whatever your situation, be encouraged by these words by Derek Prince:

Praise is the way that you bring God into your situation. If the devil has ever troubled you, let me tell you this: You can trouble him a lot more than he troubles you when you learn to praise and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ in his presence. He hates it. It embarrasses him, he’ll go somewhere else. He won’t trouble you because you trouble him more than he can trouble you.

We pray that for 2019, the Holy Spirit will refresh you and fill you with His heavenly presence, for the glory of Jesus Christ. 

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