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DPM is at the forefront of combating this spiritual hunger worldwide by making Derek's Bible teaching available in over 120 languages. It is God's grace that makes this possible and we thank Him for supporters like you, who stand with us in prayer. 

Your prayer support is always vital as we seek to respond effectively to the requests from pastors, evangelists and students in developing countries. Also, for the safe production and delivery of materials in countries ‘closed’ to the Gospel, or for our prison outreach and ministry to young leaders. In our latest Prayer and Praise calendar you will read about projects and needs to pray for. 

Be encouraged to pray boldly! 

What Jesus was teaching as 'the Lord's Prayer' contains the key to finding God's will.

First of all, we address God as Father: our Father in heaven. That makes all the difference. We are not praying to a remote or unknown deity or some impersonal force. We are praying to a Person who has made Himself our Father through Jesus Christ.

You see, the mechanistic view of the universe—the idea that it is just the result of a series of material explosions— leaves a person very lonely, lost in the vastness of a universe that he does not understand and cannot control.

As a young man I had studied for a good many years the various theories about the origin of the universe. I never could find one that satisfied me intellectually. I started to read the Bible in desperation, thinking that at the very least it could not be any sillier than some of the other theories I had heard. I did not believe that it was divinely inspired or unique; I planned to treat it like any other book, starting at the beginning and reading to the end.

Through reading the Bible, however, I met the Author. I had a totally different view of the universe from that time onward. When I met the God of the Bible, I came to understand that there was a Father and that the real power behind everything is His love. The one unexplained fact in the universe is the love of God. The Bible tells us God loves us, but it never tells us why. We just have to receive it; we will never understand it. Why God should love us passes our comprehension. But the good news is He really does.

Jesus said that when we start to pray to God, the first word we use is Father. In the English translation it comes out our Father, but in the Greek Father comes first and then our. If we know God as Father through Jesus Christ, the first thing we do when we pray is approach Him as Father. The word our is important because most of us are extremely self-centered. When we pray we tend to say, “Lord, bless me, help me, heal me.” Jesus reminded us, “You are not the only child God has. He has a lot of other children and they are all important to Him. Care for your brothers and sisters.”

(Taken from Secrets of a Prayer Warrior, Derek Prince) 


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