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DPM is at the forefront of combating this spiritual hunger worldwide by making Derek's Bible teaching available in over 120 languages. It is God's grace that makes this possible and we thank Him for supporters like you, who stand with us in prayer. 

Your prayer support is always vital as we seek to respond effectively to the requests from pastors, evangelists and students in developing countries. Also, for the safe production and delivery of materials in countries ‘closed’ to the Gospel, or for our prison outreach and ministry to young leaders. In our latest Prayer and Praise calendar you will read about projects and needs to pray for. 

Be encouraged to pray boldly! 

As believers, we are involved in a wrestling match with satanic, spiritual rulers operating in the heavenlies (Ephesians 6:12). This is not the result of our failure or disobedience. It is part of God’s program for us. We are committed to this wrestling match by the design and foreknowledge of almighty God.

It is important for us to understand this, because there follows from it a logical consequence. If  God by design has committed us to this wrestling match, then God has made victory possible for us. God would never deliberately commit His people to a conflict they could not win.

If, therefore, it is the will of God for us to engage in this conflict, then the ultimate outcome can and should be total victory for the people of God.

Most Christians talk as if they are scared of the devil. But the truth is, if we remain in the right relationship to God without being boastful or presumptuous, it should be the devil who is afraid of us. In actuality, as a defeated foe he has only one tactic available to keep us from understanding our position of victory. The tactic he uses is bluff.

Taken from:  'Spiritual Warfare for the Endtimes'


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