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Pray for DPM Outreach workers around the world

Join us in prayer to see God's plan being fulfilled and pray for DPM’s ministry in the UK and around the world. Our bi-monthly Outreach Prayer Diary gives you inspiration for your prayers and praise for our outreaches.

It means so much to know you are supporting our outreach workers with your prayers, as they need them, in order to overcome the invisible barriers in direct opposition to the sharing of the Gospel, to reach the unreached and teach the untaught.

This Outreach Prayer Diary contains not only prayer requests, but also wonderful testimonies, like Arman's story:

Arman is a famous young artist in Armenia who recently had a close brush with death because of kidney failure. When he was struggling with pain, one of our DPM volunteers in Armenia gave Arman a copy of The Divine Exchange by Derek Prince. Derek's simple and clear teaching about Jesus' death and resurrection touched Arman's heart deeply and led him to Christ. As a newly born believer, he told everyone he could about Jesus and encouraged them to turn to Him. He also invited some of his friends to study the Bible together at his studio. And, best of all, he received the baptism in the Spirit.  As an artist, he poured out his love for God on a set of new paintings that he exhibited at a local gallery. (See photo of Arman and his paintings.)

You can read the full testimony in the enclosed Outreach Prayer Diary. Your prayers have been part of this miracle of repentance and faith!

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18 April 2021

Pray for God’s wisdom, and provision for directors Marek and Agnieszka and their co-workers so they can be mighty tools in God’s hands to reach many people. Pray for Christian leaders in Poland to accept Derek’s teaching and eagerly use it. Pray for new skilled co-workers for all current book projects and for the needed funds to successfully complete them.