By Pearl Coleman, City of God Ministry

I expect like me your pre-Christmas post was swamped with donation requests for just about everything concerning charity, some of the societies unknown – and yes many of these appeals are so poignant one has to battle to keep on course in giving.

The Issue of Legacy

In DPM issue 3 2019 I wrote concerning my own number one legacy to Derek Prince Ministries, who have supported me in helping others in Ministry to move forward by their donation of Derek Prince’s wonderful teaching books for which I have been very blessed and grateful.  Now I wish to talk about legacy and have felt recently to double mine to DPM for the above reasons and, for the fact that I have felt my own City of God Ministry and myself covered by prayers from this source.


Legacy Explained

First lets us look at the word legacy.  What does it mean?  I want also to write as I learned from my amazing teacher the late Derek Prince to “call a spade a spade and not an agricultural implement” and that is what I hope to do.  A legacy is an amount of money or property and possession which is delegated or bequeathed on one’s death at one’s instructions beforehand.  It may of course come through automatic inheritance, which of course may be challenged in court by family members or others who feel disregarded in this area.

Those who give monies or substance in their wills usually have a very strong reason for so doing.  I am one such person in my 87th year who has made 10 wills in my life as my circumstances have changed and many loved ones have departed hence, obviously not needing assistance where they are going!  Mine is a background of being raised in near poverty and the grace of the Lord sums up the rest!  As a child being raised with 5 of my 6 siblings I knew hunger.  My beloved mother prepared 3 excellent meals a day for us children.  Breakfast, lunch and tea time.  The larder was kept locked and there was no way we could scrounge for a biscuit.  Lunch was because we all had to walk 2 miles from home to school and 2 miles back.  Hence at teatime, we were all ready to eat and were fed a big tea with things like eggs or sardines on toast and a milk pudding and drink.  Then we took off to bed, there was no TV and no reading in bed, all the lights were put out at once! 

Years ago I was quite amazed to learn from a highly educated super Christian couple that their lovely son and daughter would not feature in their wills, but Christian charities would inherit according to their choice. 

They explained to me that their financial affluence had been due to hard work and their children were highly qualified former university students who had been taught that work always paid!  Of course, this is all debatable but I saw their point and from personal experience, I found that as long as I paid my son’s debts and supported wasteful habits, withdrawing monies caused him to set up his own company and lead a very comfortable life with far more than all mod cons!

Recently I got before the Lord to make financial decisions and at the same time, the Lord had been showing me to read the New Testament for the umpteenth time.  I have been really so enjoying it too!  Reading this again I found myself weeping over John 17 where the Lord was explaining the future to his stunned and inquisitive disciples.  The New Testament got me concentrating yet again on sowing and reaping and I ask myself where now did I want to sow and what was my greatest desire at the end of my journey?

Quick as a flash I knew!

The most important object in what remains of my life is to save souls from Hell, lead them to salvation through a demonstration of the love and grace of God.  For me the answer was simple.  Reading constantly and praying for the worldwide outreach of Derek Price Ministries I have become deeply aware of the need for financial support for God’s work in many far-flung places.  It all costs money and there are these incredible, dedicated souls who make it possible to spread the Word of the Lord, often in some very difficult and challenging areas.

There is also a terrible pain in my heart and spirit for unbelievers, and those who do NOT believe in Hell even though they have made a salvation call.  One highly esteemed and likable brother in Christ wrote to me recently that he does not go along with the scriptures in Isaiah 66:24 or Mark 9:42-48, confirmed of course by the fact of the destiny of unbelievers in the book of Revelation. 

There were in the Holy Bible teachings in which Saints and Prophets died, and later in England many including our Archbishops being horrifically burned at the stake and meeting other horrific ends to their precious noble lives.  So my purpose is for the truth to set people free, not a half-truth of all the pleasantries and joy salvation brings, but to lead people step by step in the knowledge of those faithful ones in the past like those listed in Foxe’s Christian Martyrs of the World by John Foxe. 

I first read this book in my early 40’s, I was a church-going Anglican from the age of 3 who was lured when the church bells were tolling for Sunday services across the road from where we lived in 33 Green Street, Sunbuy-on-Thames and this made me scream out to my mother when I saw people all walking in the same direction to the church, even the milkman walking alongside his horse and cart and the chimney sweep cleaned up for the service.  Most folk walked or cycled to church in those days and taken, I recall, at the age of 4 by a niece of the Landlord of the pub next door. 

I started Sunday school and remained as a member of the Anglican church for 33 years.  I became a Chorister and Sunday School Teacher.  I was not saved, but I shook when I read the horrific account of the death of brave ones who would not deny the truth of the Holy Bible, which is the Word of God.  My only comfort later following my salvation in my mid 40’s was that I had the knowledge that these dear brave ones are now in a wonderful Heaven not burned to a cinder. 

Sacrifices and Persecutions of Christians in today’s World

There are thousands of Christian martyrs reported every year across the world.  My favorite teaching to fellowships is on the 5 crowns and there is one I do not covet believe me! Reported in British Church Newspaper on 13/12/2013 we read that Christianity is the world’s most persecuted religion.  One Christian is killed every 11 minutes.  In 2020 it is far more and an address was made to the UK Parliament on December 4th, 2013 that Christianity is the “most persecuted religion globally”.  A long list of countries in which life is most difficult was discussed including Syria, North Korea, Eritrea, Nigeria, Iraq and Egypt.

My Legacy to DPM is because they are all on the job of saving lives from eternal death.

Pearl Angela Coleman, City of God Ministry