Cambodia: pastor travels with a bulldozer to attend seminar

In May, we organized a seminar for local pastors in the Stuen Trang province. We began at 8:30 a.m., and we were so impressed that some pastors left home at 5:00 a.m., traveling long hours, and another pastor who is disabled and, in a wheelchair, traveled with a bulldozer just to join the seminar!

Outreach in war-torn Ukraine (ministry update 4 May 2022)

As the Russian war against Ukraine continues, DPM Ukraine outreach Director Vlad shares regular updates on our ministry in Ukraine. There is a climax of the Russian attack in the east of the country. Apparently, these days are key. Read Vlad's report here...

New partnership in Israel: Christian Friends of Israel & Derek Prince Ministries

A new partnership has been launched between DPM and Christian Friends of Israel (CFI) will work to provide the Body of Christ in Israel with Derek's resources. Thanks to a personal relationship with Derek, the CFI ministry looks forward to assisting wherever possible with distributing these resources. A long close relationship with Derek was enjoyed through the years and it is with...

Iran: “Our parents were shocked when we told them about Jesus”

The Gospel is not ‘just’ a message with hope for the future, but it has divine power to change people’s lives here and now. However, following Jesus is not always easy, as these stories below show. They were shared with us by our outreach workers in Iran after their recent trips. As you read these stories, will you keep them in prayer?

This Tamil Gospel singer-songwriter is using Derek's proclamations to share God's powerful truths to the world

Have you ever heard of Brother S. J. Berchmanns? You might not know him, yet he is a famous Tamil Gospel songwriter, singer and preacher. Recently, our DPM India Directors met him; when they did an amazing discovery. Read more...

Burundi: Self-Study Bible Course distributed by TukTuk

Recently, an American lady with a heart for Africa, who goes there often, contacted DPM France about French material for Burundi. She shared about one of her good friends in Burundi who is working with many rural pastors who are desperate for good Bible teaching. Would we be able to help?

Derek's teaching in Japanese now freely available online

We're excited and ready to launch the Japanese DPM website on Tuesday 21st December: It has been an exciting project over the last seven years to get all of this Derek Prince teaching translated, some voiced, and many as PDFs. The daily devotionals, Declaring God’s Word, will begin to be added to the site in February 2022.

South East Asia outreach: exciting new opportunities in spite of Covid-19 pandemic

2021 has proven to be another challenging year for so many people across the globe. Our Derek Prince Ministries co-workers throughout the Asia/Pacific region have labored tirelessly to help those affected by Covid-19, plus job losses, food shortages and persecution. For 2022, they have even further plans.

Reaching the unreached in African villages

Despite restrictions due to Covid-19, Pastor Stemmet has been able to reach over 50 towns across all of Cape Province in the past 18 months. He ministered to people who do not have a local pastor and gave them Derek’s teaching in Afrikaans and Bibles. Follow-up is being done via WhatsApp and repeats visits.

Testimony from DPM Online Bible School in Belarus

Anna from Belarus is studying at the Derek Prince Online Bible School. “It’s great that this course is available online. In any place and at any time, I can take my device and study. I repeat topics, reread my answers to questions or repeat key verses. It is a constant inspiration and support for regular study. I’m so grateful for having this opportunity to discover the truth.”

Testimonies from online outreach in the Middle East

DPM outreach workers in the Middle East are contacted daily via social media by seekers and new believers. They listen to their personal stories, answer their questions, pray for them, offer free resources and invite them for online discipleship. This approach is bearing much fruit, as becomes clear in these two testimonies from August.

Ukraine: Festival of Hope 5-day tent outreach

In August, DPM outreach worker German and his team hosted a wonderful 5-day tent outreach in the city of Svetlovodsk, Ukraine. Three churches of the city took an active part in holding the 'Festival of Hope'. Each day, some 30 to 40 people raised their hands, after which a team of counselors from local churches got to know them and exchanged contacts for further contact.

Cambodia: Covid-19 Outreach with 160 Pastors

Recently the DPM-Cambodia team organized Covid-19 relief work at Kompong Chnang Province with 60 pastors and Kompong Cham province with 100 local pastors. They delivered food supplies to support their families and DPM teaching materials for churches to give out to their communities to help keep their congregations close to our Lord and


I’m sure you will agree that the days we are living in are both challenging and exciting. Challenging due to Covid-19 and the many difficulties and changes that has brought with it, yet exciting, because the Lord is moving mightily in the midst of it to bring transformation to so many lives. One of those lives transformed is Kong Chanmakara. Kong works in a community which provides a feeding..


Due to the pandemic, our two coordinators in Vietnam haven’t been able to hold as many seminars as previously, but we are pleased to advise of several recent seminars held: A two-day seminar in Quang Ngai province (South-East Vietnam) for 12 tribal pastors and leaders, and 85 church members from nine local churches. Derek’s books, Divine Exchange and God’s Medicine Bottle were freely...

Armenia: Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Vazgen, DPM–Armenia Director, is also a pastor. Recently, his church experienced an outpouring of the Holy Spirit when his congregation was watching Derek’s teaching, “How to Receive the Holy Spirit”, on big screens. Many people had not yet been filled with the Holy Spirit. As Derek led in prayer, many came forward and experienced an indescribable and heavenly visitation as they were...

Distributing food parcels and hope in India

In India, many people have lost their income due to the Covid lockdown. DPM India director Elsie and the DPM team have been distributing essential food parcels to families of those labourers and will continue to do so until people are able to get back to work. They encourage them with words of hope and God's love, which many people are hungry for.

South Africa: God knows no age restrictions for outreach workers

God knows no age restrictions when it comes to reaching people with the Gospel. Recently, our team in South Africa was contacted by a 70-year-old lady in Cape Town. She told them she has been listening to Derek Prince's Bible teaching on CCFM Radio since 2009 and shared how much she appreciated it. She also shared how it equipped her for ministry: in spite of her age she is still very,,,

India: Bible teaching seminar convicts pastor of personal sins

More than 200 pastors attended a one-day conference in Chennai in February where Elsie spoke on The Divine Exchange and How to Pass from Curse to Blessing. One pastor testified that the session on Curses from Authority Figures convicted him of his own faults. He stood before the pastors and vowed to go home, ask forgiveness of his wife and the Lord, and lay hands on her to break the curses he...

Vietnam: outreach reports (June 2021)

In spite of the restrictions due to the pandemic, our outreach workers in Vietnam, continue to find ways to reach people with the Gospel. The Self-Study Bible Course is being used to teach and train local church leaders. One man was very motivated after applying the teaching and has now reached many people from a highlands tribal group with the Gospel.

Reaching the unreached in Cambodia

For the first time in February, our team in Cambodia visited a remote island, Koh Sdach, off the west coast where there was no church. They shared the Gospel with 100 families from an unreached people group, and all of them prayed to accept Jesus! Read more....

Praise reports from DPM South-Africa

More and more people are asking for ministry on generational curses, often after watching Derek’s teaching on YouTube. The Lord God is using this teaching to bring deliverance to people, as stands out from this response received on the video: "I watched both parts and have been waiting all day for this deliverance! Hallelujah!! I watched the first part this morning but had to go to work. I ...

India: many non-Christians seeking the Lord

In India, many new doors have opened after a difficult year, and we see a new thirst for the Lord among believers and seekers. We held a meeting with over 200 attendees, and 70 percent of them were non-Christians. Read more...

OUTREACH REPORT: food parcels and proclamation cards distributed in Vietnam

Our team in Vietnam recently shared an update on their outreach. In the last two years, they distributed 44,500 books and over 24,000 Proclamation Cards in Vietnamese. Even in the past difficult year, 22,500 books were distributed!

"We have a speaking God!"

TESTIMONY - Netherlands The Dutch office daily emails Derek’s devotions from Declaring God’s Word to believers. This testimony was received in response to one of these devotions. Read more...

Outreach update Egypt

In Egypt, we have completed the recording of 20 of Derek’s radio programs. In this series, Derek teaches on our Identification with Christ and His identification with us. We trust the Holy Spirit to work through them and have a deep impact. The Lord directed us to use a new type of video clips on Facebook. Each clip is about five minutes and uses Arabic subtitles instead of dubbing. So far....

India: comfort and consolation in times of fear

DPM India Directors Elsie and Danny continue distributing Derek's Bible teaching resources. Recently Pastor Sundar, from Andhra Pradesh, told them: “Thank you so much for all the efforts you took to bring us this sound, biblical teaching. It helped us face every situation without fear and to bring hope to our church members, many of whom were beginning to despair. We were able to bring comfort...


In many countries, DPM is bringing the good news of forgiveness of sins and a new life through Christ to prisoners. With prisons full to bursting, there has never been a greater need for sharing the Good News of Jesus with prisoners and encouraging them to ask God to transform their lives from the inside out. Recently, our office in the United States received this letter from an inmate...

Iran: How thanksgiving, praise and worship changed a life

In Tabriz, an Iranian city, Hajar heard the Gospel two years ago when she met people from our DPM outreach team. They gave Hajar a micro SD-card with Derek’s teaching and soon she developed a friendship with the team. Derek's teaching made a deep impact on Hajar's life.

Hundreds Coming to Salvation in Cambodia

Over the past three months, Cambodia has experienced the most devastating floods for 40 years due to a tropical storm. Around 240,000 people have been affected, with 39 people losing their lives. There have been landslides in at least 19 of the country’s 25 provinces and thousands of hectares of rice and other crops have been damaged. DPM-Cambodia Director Huy and the team saw this as an...

Iran: The life-changing impact of one small book

"God didn’t want to punish me. Instead, God wanted to help me deal with my problems, He wanted to help me to see the root of all pain I suffered, the negative things I’ve experienced in my life.” These words come from Davud, an elderly man in Iran, after having read Derek's book 'God's Remedy for Rejection'. Read his full testimony here...

25 refugees from Nagorno-Karabach baptized

The sudden war in Nagorno-Karabach, between neighbouring countries Armenia and Azerbaijan, caused thousands of people to flee. Since the outbreak of the war, DPM Armenia director, Vazgen, who is also a pastor, has been sheltering hundreds of people in his church. They also listened and comforted the people, to help them deal with their pain, grief and fears. They shared God’s Word with them...

A Christian library in Ethiopia

We received an email from Henok, our outreach worker in Ethiopia. He was sharing about a project he had been working on lately and he also attached some photos. This is what Henok wrote: For the last couple of weeks, I have been working on a Christian Library and training centre in one of the rural, and highly populated places, called Adami Tulu, Ethiopia. This would help us to train...

Book ministry brings deliverance and healing

Due to the pandemic, it's more difficult to hold conferences and seminars. Yet, Derek's books continue to minister to people, as these three powerful testimonies from India and Vietnam show. We received them recently from people who have been set free from curses after reading either How to Pass from Curse to Blessing or They Shall Expel Demons.

End-Time Harvest of souls in South-East Asia

We recently received an extremely encouraging report from one of our coordinators in a closed country in south-east Asia – we hope you will be as encouraged as we are! The report reads: “Thank God that even though the situation here is very tough, we are continuing to translate and distribute Derek’s books to different provinces and churches, and have recently held two seminars and ...

Outreach update - East Africa

You may be aware that DPM is expanding into many regions of the world. Did you know, however, that DPM has vital work taking place in the region of East Africa? DPM was given a generous donation to renew the work in East Africa, and to supply Bibles and Derek Prince teaching in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda. Exciting progress has been made that we'd like to share with you.

Australia - outreach update August 2020

God's heart's desire is to bring us back into a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. He cares for all people, especially those that are not appreciated in the world. That is why, in Australia, we put extra effort in reaching the Indigenous community and prisoners. Recently, a new partnership was established to strengthen this part of our outreach.

China - outreach update August 2020

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, our team in China has seen a tremendous increase of online users who have been accessing Derek’s Chinese material. There have been 150,000 eBook downloads, 10,000 views monthly on WeChat, and use by 170,000 people on our mobile App!

Outreach update - Middle East

The current lockdown has led many people to seek for answers online. Our team in Egypt is reaching out with messages of hope from God's Word through Facebook, Youtube and other online platforms. In recent months, new doors have opened.

Middle East: Helping seekers online find the truth about Jesus and the Bible

"Your Book is not true, it is distorted. You worship three Gods (May Allah Forgive you)! How can you say that God has a son - this doesn’t make sense at all. How can God be a Father, a Son and the Holy Spirit? Prove this from your Bible!” This is how a young Muslim girl, named Samia, started her messages to our team on Facebook. Several conversations followed. She enrolled to our...

South Africa: Derek Prince' Bible teaching on the four biggest online platforms

Elev8 Africa Networks Platform is broadcasting the message of Jesus Christ to the whole world via mobile This month, their mobile Christian television broadcasting will be launched on the four biggest online platforms in South Africa. This means that Derek's Bible teaching will now be available to a potential 500 million viewers on Roku, Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Middle East: Outreach through Facebook

Since the Covid-19 Outbreak and the lockdown that followed it, our team in Egypt has received many questions and responses on Facebook. Yasmine* contacted us from Algeria, knowing that our Facebook page is Christian. When we asked her how we could help her, she immediately asked for resources about Jesus. She openly admitted that she is a Muslim but that she wants to know more about Jesus...

Supporting Rehab centres in Ukraine

The Ukrainian team is continuing to provide rehab centres with free materials by Derek Prince, helping addicts to find true freedom in Christ and a purpose for life. (See picture)

Testimony from Ukraine

Taisya (35) lives in Ukraine. Two years ago, she was introduced to the Bible for the first time and became a believer. But, she said, like many new converts who begin to study the Bible by themselves, I couldn't see some very important things. I'm very grateful for the 'faith hero' Derek Prince, because, through his Bible teaching, I am now able to dig deeper into the Scripture. and to see...


The Armenian app is very active sending daily messages from DPM during this corona crisis. Our team is volunteering to take meals to the elderly and the poor in our city. This way, we have permission to be out on the streets. With every meal we deliver, we add a copy of The Exchange at the Cross, that was translated specifically for this purpose. Before this crisis, our main focus was to reach the


During Albert’s (DPM–Egypt Director) visit to South Sudan last December, God opened a new door of partnership with two ministries: Ministry of Hope and Nation Inheritance. All ministries came together to hold a three-month Discipleship School in February for 40 students from South Sudan and surrounding countries. Pastor Peter came from Egypt on behalf of DPM and held training for three weeks...


A seminar was held in February for pastors and others in Quang Ngai Province (central east coast) on How to Pass from Curse to Blessing, Spiritual Warfare and God’s Plan for Your Money. Curses were broken and many were touched by the power of God. Another seminar was also held using Derek’s teaching God’s Medicine Bottle, given that the coronavirus is affecting the entire nation.

Boxes of hope during the corona crisis

For Armenia, which has a developing economy, the spread of coronavirus was a major blow. One month after the state of emergency was declared by the government, many families faced the daily bread problem. And that was the moment when Derek Prince Ministries decided to do its best to spread a message of hope in the nation. 6 groups of volunteers were formed, who started to help the needy people...

Corona pandemic: Reaching out to the elderly in Ukraine and Armenia

Armenia and Ukraine are in lockdown due to the corona pandemic. In the midst of fear and anxiety, our team members are volunteering to take meals to isolated elderly people. They are also bringing comfort and hope, praying for them, encouraging them and giving them free copies of Derek's books. “Please pray for us”, - our Armenia outreach director says.

Online ministry in the Middle East

“Mister Mister” is his name on Facebook, a Muslim who says that he turned to Christ years ago. He came to our Arabic DPM Facebook page asking about the judgment that God had made to the people in Noah’s time and about the flood and if the ark was the redemption alternative?

Kalahari desert

Retired Pastor Stemmet took a six-week trip to the Kalahari Desert area that borders on Botswana and Namibia. At Pella, he came across two black ladies outside the historical Catholic church. He only had one Foundations book in Afrikaans and offered it to them to keep if they promised to read it. He left briefly, and when he returned the women were crying with joy at what they had read! He said


One of Derek’s most powerful teachings, which has enabled countless thousands of people to be set free from generational and other types of curses, is How to Pass from Curse to Blessing. DPM-Philippines Director, John Cochrane recently taught 45 pastors on this topic.

Iran: baptised in ice-cold water

They are taxi drivers, shop owners, doctors, students, mothers, fathers, but they all have one thing in common: they grew up as Muslims living in Iran, but now have accepted Jesus as their Saviour and Lord. They love the Lord passionately but it has a price.

Teaching the Foundations in Tigrina on Facebook

David Mehari is an Eritrean pastor, who also travels and teaches in other African countries to reach the Amharic and Eritrean communities. Now, he is teaching from the Foundations book on Facebook, reaching Tigrina believers online, giving them the opportunity to respond straight away during the teaching.

Testimonies after 10 days of teaching in Sri Lanka: "I now recognise the curse of idolatry working in her family and am able break it off!"

In August, our DPM-India Directors, Elsie and Danny, made a 10-day teaching and ministry trip to Sri Lanka, accompanied by translator, Ps Prince.One lady immediately testified of how she was able to recognise the curse of idolatry working in her family and break it off. Another lady, with tears, testified of how the Lord had convicted her of her sins as she listened to the teaching - and that she

Mongolia: new audiobooks available online

Mongolia is known as the "Land of the Eternal Blue Sky" or "Country of Blue Sky" because it has over 250 sunny days a year. However, the annual average temperature in the capital, Ulaanbaatar, is −1.3 °C, and it therefore shares the rank of the world's coldest city, with Moscow, Ottawa, and Nur-Sultan. Recently, our outreach partners in Mongolia released new audiobooks on YouTube. The responses

Reaching pastors and youth in 2 provinces in Cambodia: Kratie and Stueng Trang

Pastor Huy, our DPM outreach partner, and his team travelled for almost seven hours from Phnom Penh to the Kratie province, which was flooded two months ago and the road going to the local church was very muddy, yet 45 of the local pastors and leaders coming to the DPM seminar walked through the rice fields in order to attend the meeting! As October is school holiday time, it was a good time to

Greece: Christian refugees finding hope and strenght in God

Misra is a refugee from Iran who lives in a refugee camp in Athens. She has been attending Bible classes in the International Christian Consulate that helps Christian refugees and uses Derek’s books. Misra said, “These studies helped me a lot. The teaching calls us to act according to God’s Word. Derek’s book, Declaring God’s Word, was also very useful. I tried to read it every day. It has

Cambodia: Pastors training Samba Preykuk

Samba Preykuk is a cultural and historical site located in Samba village, about 25 kilometres northeast of Kampong Thom provincial town. During a recent Pastors training, our outreach workers noticed there were some wrong beliefs amongst local pastors. Although they believe that people will go to heaven if they accept Jesus as their Savior, they didn't

Cambodia: videoreport Youth Outreach

Video report. Recently we partnered with a local church at Sambo Preykuk village, K. Thom Province, reaching out to about 100 young people. They paid a lot of attention to our sharing that there is a God who is our creator and we are His sons and daughters. One of our team's family, who was a movie star and also an MC at a TV channel, shared her testimony during this outreach. She said that

India: “I cannot read or write, but now you have given me this SD card to listen to and I can hear and understand new things from God’s Word"

For the past nine years Elsie and Danny, DPM–India and Sri Lanka Directors, have been travelling to some of the major cities and towns in different states of India. During one of their last trips, a pastor said, with tears in his eyes: “I cannot read or write, but now you have given me this SD card to listen to and I can hear and understand new things from God’s Word that I would never have had

A heavenly gift for pastors in Nepal

This is what Pastor Keshu from Dolakha shared with one of our outreach workers recently: “I am constantly using Derek Prince’s books to teach believers and people from other churches. For pastors like me who cannot read English, Derek’s books in the Nepali language are a heavenly gift. I have a collection of his books that I have read many times, and I lend them to pastors, leaders and

Belarus: Learning how to be victorious in Christ

Martha, living in Belarus, faced difficulties and questions in spiritual warfare, yet with no teaching on how to resist Satan's schemes, she was depressed and defeated. One day, DPM team members told her about Derek’s books, Spiritual Warfare and They Shall Expel Demons, and also had her listen to his sermons on this topic. After having studied these materials, they prayed and

CAMBODIA: Pastors training - Kampot Province

Kampot is a city in southwest Cambodia, edging onto the Gulf of Thailand on its southern coastline. The area is well-known for its pepper plantations and salt fields, with most tourists visiting to see the old French colonial architecture. The team from DPM Cambodia held a pastors and church leaders training session during May for 26 pastors from 20 local churches from this province.

Russia: Seminar for pastors and ministers about Protection from Deception

Vazgen Arseni, our DPM Russia/Caucasus director, recently held a seminar in Sochi city, Russia. There were about 70 participants from several churches in Sochi region. The theme of the seminar was "Protection from Deception" based on Derek's book. With relentless deceptions, Satan is scheming to destroy the church from within, keeping us from the divine love and protection of God. We need to

Cambodia: "I am old now, but I always pray that many young people will rise up to serve the Lord"

Fifty percent of the Cambodian population is younger than 22 years old, so education in God’s Word and youth ministry is the focus area of DPM-Cambodia. Recently, we partnered with a local church in Takeo Province, reaching out to 150 young people during the Buddhist public holiday. The youth proclamation cards are great material and we used the card I Look Good for this outreach programme.

Egypt: Training Sudanese pastors in Egypt

In April, DPM Egypt hosted a 2-day conference for a special group of pastors and Christian leaders. The group consisted of 52 Sudanese pastors living in Egypt. They gathered for a time of prayer, worship and teaching. There are tens of thousands of Sudanese refugees in Egypt, most of them seeking refuge from ongoing military conflicts in their home country of Sudan. Sudanese in Egypt often suffer

Sri Lanka: Bringing hope to a grieving nation

A few weeks prior to the tragic bombings on Easter Sunday our India Directors Elsie and Daniel travelled to Sri Lanka to train and encourage hundreds of pastors by making Derek Prince’s teaching freely available to them. In the light of the recent terrorist attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka we as a ministry are not just praying for Christians in this land but we are also thinking and planning on

Iran: "Hundred opportunities to share about Jesus Christ"

The Lord is doing a mighty work in the Muslim world. Many Muslims become followers of Jesus, through revelations and visions from the Lord Himself, but also through the sharing of the Gospel. In Iran also, many Muslims are very open to hear about Jesus Christ and the salvation and forgiveness He offers. This is something our outreach workers are experiencing every time they travel to Iran. During

Croatia: "Miracles happen when we put Jesus' words into practice!"

Christians in Croatia struggle with all kinds of questions about the Word of God and His will. When to baptise a new believer in water? Is it God's will for everyone to speak in tongues? Can Christians have a demon? Damir, our co-worker in Croatia, sees how Derek's teachings help to address these questions. These testimonies will show you how. Read more...

Indonesia: teaching on sin and repentance leads to deliverance

DPM-Indonesia Director Marcel has been very busy over recent months, travelling around different parts of Indonesia to teach and minister to many hundreds of pastors and Christian leaders using Derek’s teaching. Students, who had only given their lives to Jesus a few weeks previously, experienced deliverance after Marcel taught about sin, repentance and forgiveness. Read his full report here.

Bulgaria: Healed from lung cancer (testimony)

Anna (40 years old) was diagnosed with lung cancer and went to the hospital for treatment. Regardless of the treatment, the illness was getting worse. One day, her sister came to visit her. "Jesus has shown me that you need to forgive someone", she said. Anna knew immediately who the person was. Her decision to forgive changed - and saved - her life. Read more...

Solomon Islands Prison Ministry: Bible study with inmates leads to reconcilliation

Last year, the DPM-Solomon Islands prison ministry managed to cover six main units in the Rove Correctional Centre and it was a great year for the ministry to graduate the 66 inmates who faithfully completed their Self Study Bible Course. We also managed to reconcile two murder cases through affiliation with Prison Fellowship Solomon Islands. This is an ongoing programme and this year...

India Outreach More than 200 low education level pastors and leaders reached in Purnea & Bhagalpur

Recently, our India directors held teaching seminars in different areas. Bihar is probably the most backward state in India both in terms of economy and education and demonic oppression is very common. Meanwhile, in West Bengal, the education levels are quite high, but many find it hard to accept scriptural principles as many of them are influenced by the 'world view'.

Foundations Bible Training for new believers in Egypt and Sudan

In January, Pastor Luke (not his real name, for safety reasons) contacted the DPM team in Egypt. He is serving the Lord in upper Egypt and asked us to help him start Bible courses based on Derek Prince’ Foundations for Christian Living book. In February he started the first course with 25 young men and women. In the near future Pastor Luke will train another group of 15 leaders who are

Youth Outreach Cambodia

50% of the Cambodian population are younger than 22 years old, so education in God’s Word and youth ministry is the focus area of DPM-Cambodia. Recently, we partnered with a local church in Takeo Province, reaching out to 150 young people during the Buddhist public holiday.

Derek Prince' books now available online in Turkish

Good news from Turkey: our Turkish website is launched. In our digital library, people can read online many Bible study materials by Derek Prince.

Hispanic outreach of Derek Prince Ministries

As 2019 begins, we are excited to announce some wonderful advances in the Hispanic outreach of Derek Prince Ministries. When Derek was asked what he wanted for his birthday 35 years ago, he responded, “I’d like to see my radio program translated and broadcast in Spanish and in Russian.” Since that work began, we have done so much more. Now, DPM has developed our own Hispanic Outreach web, as well

DPM India Outreach bringingh healing and deliverance in Jesus' name

DPM-India Outreach Directors, Elsie and Danny, recently held a very successful day of meetings in Chandrapur, Maharashtra (central India). "Everyone present felt a manifest and strong move of the Spirit and testified that they clearly felt the release in their spirits as well. During the prayer time, we prayed for people to be released and healed from disease and at least one-third of the...

Government oppression and clamdown in China

Ross Paterson, DPM China director, and his wife Christine, recently returned from China and shared about the increasing oppression of Chinese believers. "This is an extremely difficult season, with every day more reports coming out concerning government oppression and clampdown. Just before we left...

DPM-Cambodia - Prison Outreach

DPM-Cambodia Outreach Director, Huy, along with the DPM team, recently held an outreach in the Takeo province (south-west Cambodia) for 200 village people in conjunction with a local church. They also held a second prison outreach at Takeo Province to 780 prisoners and 65 officers.

Japanese mobile app and website are reaching Japanese seekers and believers worldwide

Three years ago, DPM-NZ was put in touch with a Japanese translator, Yvonne (name changed for security reasons). Since then, Yvonne and a volunteer translator, have been very busy translating Derek’s material and we now have many Japanese Bible teaching resources available on our DPM-Japan dual-language website and App. If you know any Japanese-speaking believers, please do “spread the word"!

Outreach in Iran

In November, an outreach team shared the Gospel with people in several cities in Iran. "God is truly at work in Iran. Several people shared the testimony of their conversion after they had a dream of Jesus Christ. We pray the Lord will continue to speak to the Iranian people this way."

Good News from Iran: Churchplanter Reza Released from Prison

In October 2016 we shared an urgent prayer request with you about Reza, a young IT-guy who became a believer and soon started planted churches in Iran. Good news: Reza has now been released from prison. Read his remarkable story.

DPM's Huge Impact in India

Over the past 15 years, Derek’s gift packs of books have been provided to over 70,000 young leaders graduating from Bible Colleges and at least 60% of these leaders end up in active Christian ministry. Considering these numbers, there is one thing we can say for sure – that thousands of lives across this great nation are being impacted by the ministry and teaching of Derek Prince Ministries.

Algeria: Kabyle translation of Declaring God's Word. Listen for yourself!

Derek’s 365-day devotional Declaring God’s Word has been a blessing to many believers worldwide. Recently, the audio version of the Kabyle translation of this teaching has been available to encourage Christians and seekers in Algeria. You are possibly not a Kabyle speaker, you might wonder what this language sounds like, so we’re sharing Day 1 from this Devotional with you. Listen for yourself!

Outreach in India: equipping Pastors in rural areas

DPM-India Outreach Directors, Elsie and Danny, recently held a very successful trip to the states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh (north India). There is very little Christian activity here but severe persecution against Christians and Christian organisations. However, they taught and encouraged pastors and Christian leaders at three seminars using Derek’s teaching material and...

Bringing Relief to Syrian refugees

Blankets, sheets, food – those are the materials Omar* and his team are taking to refugees and families in need in Syria. They are also contributing to heating fuel costs, as winter is coming soon and it can be very cold in Syria. But, as well as material comfort, they also share hope and spiritual food by giving them Arabic Bible teaching and SD-cards containing Derek Prince's Bible teaching.

Bringing Hope in Syria

Bringing hope in Syria For over seven years now, a terrible war is destroying Syria. Thousands of people have been killed. Millions have fled. A generation is growing up in the midst of ruins and bombs, without ever having known peace. Is there any hope for this country? Yes, there is! Read this letter we received from a Syrian lady...

Teaching seminars in remote villages in Myanmar (Burma) bring new life and encouragement

'One of my problems was giving out spiritual material to new believers', says an evangelist from Myanmar. His team visits remote villages to share the Gospel, and people gladly receive Jesus Christ as their Lord. But how to help them deepen their faith until his next visit to these towns? Then he received Derek Prince's Bible materials. 'They are very valuable!'

Free Japanese materials now available online

We are delighted to advise that the new DPM Japan website now has heaps of teaching on it in Japanese and we are wanting to let as many Japanese speaking churches and believers know about this amazing resource. Please share this news with any Japanese speaking people you know and especially to Japanese language churches.

Cambodia: Young Pastor discovers the authority of Jesus Christ over demonic powers

Yao Phor, a young pastor in a north-eastern province in Cambodia, has about 100 people in his congregation. He shared that there are many demonic works in his village - the devil makes people sick and asks them to kill animals as an offering. When a New Zealand missionary couple visited Cambodia earlier this year and held a seminar for pastors, Yao Phor eagerly attended.

Launch of a new project in Iran: Bible Correspondence School

The church in Iran has become one of the fastest growing churches in the world, and it is influencing the region for Christ. DPM representatives in Iran are launching a new project—the DPM Correspondence Bible School in the Farsi language. This course covers the foundations of the Christian faith, based on Hebrew 6:1-2, including topics like repentance and faith, baptism in water and baptism...

Outreach to Indigenous People in Australia: "They desperately need our compassionate intercession"

indigenous men in Australia between the ages of 25 and 29 have the highest suicide rate in the world, and the last decade has seen a 56 per cent rise in hospitalization rates for self-harm. In May, Graeme and Veronica Hunter, our Indigenous Outreach leaders, took an outreach to central Australia. The team was impacted by the suffering they saw among the Aboriginal people. "They desperately need

South Africa: teaching graduates

Hope Ramaphosa in Venda has 25 graduates whom she has taken through the Self-Study Bible Course and DVD Foundations teaching. In 2018, She will be teaching from Derek's studies on Romans and Hebrews, The Fullness of the Cross and evangelism, using the Good News of the Kingdom message.

Japanese Self Study Bible course available online

The Self-Study Bible Course in Japanese is now on our website ( We hope many people will visit the website and be blessed by all the free Derek Prince teaching available. Help us share the news and tell your (online) friends about it! The Self Study Bible Course is an easy-to-use exploration of the foundations of the Christian faith. The book offers a short

Indonesian pastor uses 'Husbands and Fathers' to strengthen family life

A pastor from Indonesia sent the following testimony: “After receiving copies of Derek’s book, Husbands and Fathers, we decided to study the book as a men’s group. We also decided to focus on restoring the family during the month of October in the main service. Many of the men have been restored to the position of priest, prophet and king in the family. Once I asked a man: ‘What do you think of

Indonesia: saving a church from closing down

Over the past year, significant doors for the Gospel opened in Indonesia. Marcel, our Director of DPM–Indonesia, has been traveling throughout the nation, particularly to East Indonesia to minister to pastors and Christian leaders. Marcel reports how Derek’s book Life-Changing Spiritual Power is being used as a study book in one church, and how it has saved another church from closing down.

Ministry India and Sri Lanka: ministry to prisoners and persecuted churches

A prisoner in Tamil Nadu responded after having received Derek's books: "In a place where not everyone can enter and do ministry freely, God has used books to bring salvation and spiritual growth, and Derek Prince’s books are among those. Please send me more books. They will be read by many and not be laid to rest.”

Middle East: "This is the first time in my life I heard about curses and blessings!"

A woman in Morocco watched the video of Release from the Curse through the SD card of core teachings. She said: “It was the first time in my life I heard about curses and blessings.” She contacted our key person in Morocco, and he led her in a deliverance prayer. While our co-workers in the Persian Gulf region were distributing SD cards containing Derek’s teachings, they met a Muslim man who

Croatia: 10 Foundation Series booklets published to help believers build a strong foundation for their faith

Melita, a Roman Catholic believer, called our worker in Croatia recently to say she had heard about Derek´s teachings. She was complaining about a situation in her family and the evil things happening to them. She wanted to know more about curses, demons and many other things. He introduced her to Derek's...

Celebrating the new year; reaching out to Iranians

The custom of celebrating the New Year already existed in Mesopotamia in the third millennium BC. As many countries, Azerbaijan celebrates the New Year according to the Gregorian calendar - on January 1. However, people in the neighbouring country Iran, according to their calendar, have to wait until 21 March for their New Year officially to start, when they celebrate Novruz. However, near the end

Angola - Reaching the #3 largest Portuguese speaking community worldwide

Angola is one of the largest African nations. It used to be a Portuguese colony that today is the number 3 largest Portuguese speaking community worldwide. We have more opportunities to get Derek’s Portuguese material to Angola through an Angolan pastor who will be going to train leaders and a lecturer who will be going to a Bible school and will take Derek’s material for their library.

Malawi: "Mega Voice players help us to reach out to more people"

DPM's vision is to reach the peoples of the world, in a language they can understand, with the Bible teaching of Derek Prince, using every type of media and all forms of distribution, regardless of the economic means of the recipients. So, what to do when people can't read? We use Mega Voice Players! This testimony from Malawi shows how powerful this tool is for reaching people with God's Word.

China: "Our church has been fed on Derek's teaching over the years"

A China team member was recently told inside China that Sunday School is now banned in some areas. A pastor said his church was raided by Security Police who demanded that the seats set up for Sunday School be removed, as no class teaching could take place. Another pastor was told that any group of more than 10 people (including Sunday services) would result in a fine of over US $1,000 per person.

Teaching and ministry conference in India: two days isn't enough

When we were invited by the Ascent to Life Ministries to partner with them in taking Derek’s teaching into West Bengal, we gladly agreed. But little did we know that we headed out into one of the most interior regions of West Bengal and to a large group of people who had followed Jesus from the Santali people tribe that is found largely in Orissa and West Bengal.

Outreach: Seeking for the lost in Iran

“One saved soul, just one…” That could have been the general feeling of our outreach team when they returned home from their recent trip to Iran. After days of prayer walks and sharing the Gospel in some of the bigger cities in Iran, only one man opened up his heart for Jesus. Only one man? No! The team rejoiced over him, like it is written in Luke 15:10: In the same way, I tell you, there is...

Impact report: 20 years of ministry in Nepal

For 20 years Pastor Gopaljee has served Derek’s ministry without any wages received from DPM and with a passion to do all he can to get Derek’s books into the hands of tens of thousands of leaders and believers all over Nepal. He wrote: On 19th November, 40 students from Gospel for Asia received Derek’s books. At Kakarbhitta, an eastern border town, we provided 10 Bible school students with the

Testimony: 'Listening to Derek's radio broadcasting was my grandmother's spiritual food!'

Recently, we received this e-mail, showing how Derek's radio broadcasts reached God-seeking people in the time of Communism: I was about 15 years old, a young Moslem, living in a small city. It was several years before the collapse of Soviet Union. My grandmother lived in Baku (Azerbaijan) and she was a Christian. I remember, when we would come to visit my grandmother, she was listening to Derek

Indonesia: Doors opening up for teaching and ministering to pastors

Over the past year, the doors for the Gospel have been opening up significantly in Indonesia. DPM Director, Marcel, has been travelling to different parts of the nation and in particular, to east Indonesia, to teach and minister to hundreds of Pastors and Christian leaders. Pastors like Ps. Partogi are benefitting greatly from Derek’s material. He writes:

DPM Outreach projects in Vietnam and Laos for the first time!

Persecution; poverty; close scrutiny by the Government; restriction on activities and the forced closure of churches. These are just some of the challenges faced by Christians today in Vietnam and Laos. Both nations are led by communist Governments, with Buddhism the majority religion. In Vietnam, despite the fact that the Communists closed half of the 600 church buildings that existed when the

Outreach to Iran

Many Christians would be very reluctant to go out and share the Gospel in a closed Islamic country. But God keeps calling new labourers into his harvest. So, recently, a team of 'first time ever' missionaries went to several bigger cities in Iran to share about Jesus Christ. They brought small booklets and SD-cards with them, loaded with a Persian Bible, the Jesus movie and Derek's Farsi...

Equipping Cambodian Pastors and leaders

Today, the responsibility for spiritual leadership in Cambodia falls on the shoulders of those mostly under the age of 40 due to the lost generation following Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge genocide in the 1970’s. This presents a real challenge for these young people, who need essential foundational training in the Word of God. DPM-NZ Trustee Alan Brooks and wife Lynda, who recently visited Cambodia and

Ministering to pastors in North India (Bihar & Jharkhand)

This Fall, DPM India directors Elsie and Danny travelled to Bihar & Jharkhand as those are two of the states out of the 5 that they hadn’t reached previously in India. Little did they know that these were probably the two states in India that needed the teaching most.

Sri Lanka: Ministering to the Persecuted Church

The area of Ampara, Pottuville & Akkaraipattu in Sri Lanka is known for their great persecution of Christians. Nonetheless, Elsie and her team went there to teach from God's Word, knowing probably not a great number of pastors would attend their meetings. They had actually been told other ministries were not interested in coming into these areas for the exact reasons mentioned above. So why did

Myanmar: God's Medicine Bottle used by God to bring peace of mind and healing

Derek's book 'God's Medicine Bottle' is used by God to bring healing and we receive powerful testimonies from people who read this book. Recently we received a testimony for a pastor in Yangon. He wrote: "Part of my work is to visit the sick in hospitals and homes. I pray for them fervently, using the Word of God. I have memorized many Bible verses. But using Derek’s book, God’s Medicine Bottle...

Testimony from Israel: "If spiritual growth in Israel was measured by results versus investment, no ministry would do anything here. However, your investment is vitally important."

A pastor and business from Israel wrote an encouraging letter that we simply have to share with you! "I want to thank you for the books that you gave us recently. The body in Israel is very small and the soil in Israel is hard. Whoever sows a seed must have patience for the harvest and I really believe that...

Denmark: 14 powerful books translated and available in national bookshops

Sverre, Director of DPM in Norway, was instrumental in the start-up of the DPM office in Denmark and is so thankful for what the Lord is doing! He recently met their strong team that has some very skilled translators. Since it began in 2010, Bjarne Kjær, a devoted follower of Derek’s teaching, and his team have translated 14 of Derek’s major books into Danish and succeeded in joining the national

Testimonies from Croatia

“Derek Prince is my spiritual father. If I had not seen and heard his video tapes, I would have never met Jesus Christ as my personal Savior…. " This is just one of the testimonies our outreach workers in Croatia recently received through Facebook. A former Communist Party member who read Derek's book for the first time, called to say: "Please continue with this work, do not give up."

China: responses through WeChat platform from almost every Chinese province

The DPM Chinese WeChat platform (a do-it-all digital App in China) shows responses from every province except two in the far west! We can now reach many new people across China! Our Taiwan publisher gives us free translations, but it has been very difficult for some time to convert their material from Taiwan’s original script to Chinese Simplified Script. The printer has now resolved this battle,

Cambodia: Derek's Khmer language proclamations on radio

We are very excited to have Derek’s Khmer language proclamations broadcast on radio daily. Also, we have an open door to give Derek’s Khmer teaching to churches and Bible schools. We sent 35 sets of material to a pastor for his leaders and other pastors, 50 copies of the Self-Study Bible Course to a church, 120 sets to Bible school graduates, and 120 sets to a pastors’ conference.

Training Iranian pastors: 'There is a huge spiritual hunger!'

In June, a group of ministers from Iran gathered in a secret place for a week of special training. Of all these ministers are leading a network of underground churches, so it was very strategic (although risky) to train them.

Iran: Will Jesus reveal Himself at a wedding party?

One day, one of our team members heard a group of women speak Farsi. She joined their conversation and was soon invited to spend the day with these Iranian ladies, drinking coffee, laughing, talking about family, music, kids and just building a friendship with them. At the end of the day, one Iranian lady invited our team member to come to visit her in Iran, so they exchanged phone numbers....

Israel: Broadcasting Derek's materials in a special time where God is moving among the Muslims

“It’s exciting to see how God is moving through radio in the region! We believe very strongly that we are in a special time where God is moving among the Muslims. These dedicated broadcast platforms are vital to a growing Harvest of Muslims deciding to follow Jesus!" These words come from an email we received from Voice of Hope in Israel.

Exciting testimonies from across Africa

Exciting testimonies are coming in from across Africa testifying of the impact of Derek’s teaching upon the lives of those who read his books and listen to his messages. Read some highlights of the ministry taking place through our South Africa co-workers—the office team, as well as churches and ministries that network with us.

Russia: ‘We were suffering because of the injustice of life, when we discovered God’s remedy for rejection!’

You may have received one of two in your own life: a letter that made your day. Receiving a letter from just that person meant the world to you. That’s what happened to Vazgen, our outreach director for Russia, Armenia and Caucasus. Last December, he received a letter from a group of Armenian prisoners. This is what they wrote to him!

Ramadan in Iran: How can they live without hope?

June 2017. It's Ramadan, that special month each year when Muslims worldwide fast from dawn until sunset and refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, and engaging in sexual relations. It is believed that the Quran was first revealed to Muhammad during the month of Ramadan. During this special month, our outreach team travelled to Iran to share about Jesus Christ.

Testimony from Pakistan: Derek's Bible teaching is bringing a transformation to a school

We received an encouraging testimony from a school principal in Pakistan. He wrote how Derek's teaching has brought a transformation in his school. He said: "I see change not only in the teachers and staff, but this transformation is flowing down to the students as well, who are mostly Muslims. Praise be to God that...."

Testimony from South-Africa: "My stepfather left me Derek Prince's materials..."

Patrick, a pastor from Venda visited the office and shared this testimony: "My stepfather loved Derek’s teaching and had purchased numerous books, CDs and DVDs. I was not interested at the time, but after my stepfather passed away and I was left with this material, I began to read and listen. I was so impressed he watched most of the YouTube messages and then came to the office to introduce...

Africa: Mega Voice Players are reaching Christian believers and leaders with the Gospel

DPM is using Mega Voice Players to reach Christian believers and Christian leaders in a growing number of African countries. Madagascar, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Swaziland,Tanzania have recently been sent several players and are making an impact.

China: 150,000 books printed to reach believers in China

We were able to print 150,000 books in China in April and May that will be distributed from three different centers to believers across China. These books are three of Derek’s most significant titles: Declaring God’s Word, the Foundation Series, and Life-Changing Spiritual Power. Two members of our China team spent time inside China researching the impact of Derek’s materials. We...

Cambodia: 870 new believers after outreach

Outreaches were held in three provinces in Cambodia with ministry partner, One-2-One. One outreach was held for over 1,300 young people in late February. One school principal brought all 300 students and 50 teachers! The gospel was shared, and 870 people came to salvation! Each person received the God is My Father Proclamation Card.

Angola: medical treatment became doorway to spiritual growth

A lady in Pretoria has been ministering for 8 years to a group of approx 60 Angolan (Portuguese) people who have been sent down to South Africa for medical treatment. Isabelle, DPM-South Africa Director, 'co-incidentally' heard this lady in a testimony on Radio Impact during a live service broadcast how the Lord had delivered them from a very serious car accident. She contacted the lady and...

Derek's Japanese materials available online

Thirty of Derek’s most significant messages in Japanese are now available on the DPM app and website. Making these teachings available is part of DPM's 30x13 project, that aims to make 30 of Derek's most foundational teachings available in the 13 most spoken languages worldwide. Every day on average 174,000 people are coming to faith and most of them need systematic instruction in God’s Word...

South Africa: Live teaching through Facebook

We thank God for those who have received and applied Derek’s teaching and are now ministering effectively across Africa, like Pastor David Mehari from the Eritrean church in Pretoria. He launched Derek’s Foundational teaching LIVE on Facebook in Tigrinya, his third “live” session, when 25 people joined in and 100 checked out the teaching afterwards. David believes many more will join as word gets

Pakistan: New open doors for ministry in Hyderabad

Elizabeth, our co-worker in Pakistan, spoke at an annual Anglican women’s convention in Hyderabad late last year for 400 women. (The Bishop is a charismatic leader and fan of Derek’s books.) Elizabeth shared from the book Rediscovering God’s Church. She also gave an altar call, and about 90 women accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord! We now have an open door for ministry among the women and with...

New Zealand: Marine Reach-YWAM uses Derek's "invaluable" teaching for training in Fiji and Vanuatu

Late last year, our New Zealand office sent several sets of 30 of Derek’s core messages on CD and DVD to a mission organisation, “Marine Reach-YWAM,” that serves communities in need throughout the Pacific Islands. This teaching is being used in training schools and outreaches in Fiji and Vanuatu. One of their staff members advised us that the teaching will be “invaluable” and has asked for more.

Nepal: Soldiers healed after reading Derek's books

Numerous Gurung and Magar people, two of the indigenous ethnic nationalities of Nepal, many of whom are serving in the Indian and Nepalese armies, are coming to Christ due to being healed after reading Derek’s books. The Lord is using Derek's teaching also to bring deliverance. Our co-worker, pastor Gopaljee, said: "We prayed for two demon-possessed men and gave them They Shall Expel Demons, and

DPM Philippines: keep the momentum going

It was in 2015 that DPM's Philippines Director, John Cochrane (from New Zealand) began to have Derek’s Bible teaching translated and printed. We have been advised that the time for much greater expansion for DPM in the Philippines is now! We urgently need to keep the momentum going and one of the ways to do this is by having a DPM-Philippines website. We are...

People are 'glued to their phones' - reaching people in Japan

Japan - a land famous for its technological advances, cuisine and aesthetic tradition. But according to missionairies, Japan is also 'a hard nut to crack’ and with such a very small percentage of professing Christians in the nation (2.2%) this is no surprise. Therefore, it was exciting when a Japanese Pastor recently wrote to us, saying: Recently, I found Pastor Derek's teaching on the internet

"We didn't pray for them - all we did was teach!" - Great deliverance in Sri Lanka

Derek Prince Ministries’ constant endeavor in Sri Lanka has been to bring a message of enduring hope through Christ Jesus. We are now conducting the DPM Bible Training course twice a year in different cities. Through these conferences held throughout the nation, many soul-stirring and inspiring testimonies have been received. After one seminar, a young Pastor and his wife began to teach at...

Testimony: Intimate relationship with God through Derek Prince's Bible teaching

Can books change someone's life, and walk with God? Yes, they can! We received a powerful testimony that proves it. Feel free to share your own testimony with us!

Iran: Sharing God's love to people who think God has forgotten about them

“Do you know God loves you?” This simple question was asked many times by our outreach team in Iran during their latest trip. “But most people didn’t know”, comments our co-worker.

Ladies' leadership seminar in Quetta (West Pakistan): radical choices to live for Christ

Elizabeth, of DPM–Pakistan, was invited to speak at a ladies’ leadership seminar in Quetta (West Pakistan) late last year. About 70 ladies from different churches attended. The ladies were wives of pastors, evangelists and other professional backgrounds (doctors, nurses, teachers, office managers, lawyers, and more). Elizabeth shared the Word on the subject of the Holy Spirit. Many of the...

December outreach to Iran: divine appointments

Around Christmas time a team went on a mission trip to Iran. As soon as they safely passed the boarder they started to pray: “Lord, what is Your will for this time?” Read on to discover what happened!

Outreach in the Philippines: a great hunger for good Bible teaching

"What I am observing is that the Philippines is an open mission field and a great hunger for good teaching. I have just returned from a very successful trip to the Islands below us of Sama and Leyte. About 20 pastors from different churches were awaiting me in the city of Catbalogan. That was amazing, because pastors from 'traditional’ churches never mixed with Evangelical or Pentecostals, but her

Youth Convention Solomon Islands: Greater understanding of the Holy Spirit

The Methodist church held a youth convention for young people in order to teach them about the work of the Holy Spirit, using Derek’s book Life Changing Spiritual Power (specifically the material from The Holy Spirit in You). Hundreds of young people now have a much greater understanding of the Holy Spirit.

Testimony from India: "Declaring God's Word has brought change in my personal life, but also in my business"

"We started our business with lots of prayers and blessings. But due course it became too much “business,” and there was no God in it at all. The Declaring God’s Word daily reading has not only brought change in my personal life, but it also has inspired me to bring God back into my business. It is a blessed change. Thank you for..."

Indigenous Outreach Australia: fires of revival are beginning

DPM is working with the Australian Children’s Prayer Network to minister in two Aboriginal communities in New South Wales, where drug and alcohol problems, and suicide among the youth, have been extremely high for several decades. Derek’s teachings have been invaluable for some adults in these communities. Alex Genovese, our DPM Australia director, received this testimony from...

India Outreach: nine women delivered of terrible demonic possessions

During a women’s seminar in Mumbai (India) nine woman were mightily deliveredI DPM India Director Elsie taught on 'The Divine Exchange"and as she proclaimed the victory of Christ over the Kingdom of Satan, two demon possessed women threw their hair open and danced right up to the front, the demons manifesting wildly. But praise God, in a minute she was on the floor, completely delivered.

Mission trip to Iran: 'Bigger love and new purpose in life'

Recently 3 pastors from Azerbaijan were arrested in Iran for their outreach activities and the Iranian government seems to be more alert on Christian outreach. Nonetheless every month an outreach team from DPM operates in Iran. One of our team members wrote: "It was a challenge to go, but...

New Zealand: Healing testimony

Our office in New Zealand received a wonderful testimony from a supporter: “Many years ago, I had a terrible skin disease. The only treatment was permanent steroids. But God led me to Derek Prince. He was the only person I could identify with as he was in the hospital a whole year [with a skin disease]. Through listening to and using God’s Word as my prescription and declaring it three times...

Encouraging soldiers and refugees in Ukraine with Derek Prince's teaching

What are soldiers dreaming of? Peace! That's why DPM Ukraine is reaching out to soldiers, ever since the start of the conflict with Russia in 2014. Thousands of materials have been distributed since then. "In 2016 alone we already distributed 1.494 free materials among soldiers, refugees, prison inmates, chaplains, needy people, politics and officials", says Vlad Chazov, our co-worker in Ukraine.

India: 'Amazed by the message of the cross'

DPM-India directors Elsie and Danny recently held meetings in northeast India to help equip 500 pastors and other Christian leaders. They were especially privileged to reach out to tribal pastors and leaders from the Karbi tribe in Assam State. They were totally amazed at the message of the cross as presented in Derek’s book, The Divine Exchange...

Sharing about the offering of Jesus Christ during Islamic offering celebration in Azerbaijan

September 12 marked the start of Eid al-Adha, an Islamic festival to commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to follow God's command to sacrifice his son Ishmael (and not Isaac, as the Bible teaches). While thousands of Iranian Muslims travelled to Azerbaijan to observe this event, our team seized the occasion to reach out to them with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Unique outreach opportunity in Nepal

In June, the wife of pastor Gopaljee, who oversees the work in Nepal visited Okhaldhunga with five others from her church to hold a seminar for 50 leaders from 14 churches. They taught from Derek’s material on the Holy Spirit and They Shall Expel Demons. Travel was difficult. Due to heavy rain, the last two hours of the trip was by foot because the road was in such bad...

Soccer outreach in Cambodia: reaching the highest goal

New Zealand Trustee, Alan Brooks and his wife were in Cambodia to teach and minister, along with local DPM Coordinator, Mr. Huy. They met with hundreds of Christian leaders and gave them Derek’s books in the Khmer language. A soccer outreach was also held for 90 young players and several hundred people who came to watch. The Gospel was presented and The Divine Exchange booklets were distributed.

Surprising graduation ceremony at Xplore Nations Bible College Egypt

Last year Nader, the the Egyptian director of Xplore Nations Bible College, ordered 500 copies of Derek’s book of Foundations for Righteous Living to be used in his college. This week Albert, DPM Egypt director, received a phone call from Nader, inviting him to the graduation ceremony for master's students. Read what happened!

Release of Hebrew/English app with Bible and Derek Prince's teaching

The Hebrew/English App is scheduled to be ready by September 15. It will include the entire Bible, with links throughout to Derek’s teaching, along with daily devotionals in print and audio, and a yearly reading plan. (Several Jewish speakers requested English as well so as to have English and Hebrew side by side.)

Outreach to refugees and soldiers in Ukraine

August 24, 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of Ukraine’s Declaration of Independence. But it's not only been peace in Ukraine since then. Two years ago broke out with Russia. Since then, DPM has distributed almost 4,000 items of free teaching material to soldiers, refugees and churches in Ukraine. Outreach worker Vlad reports: "I just send a...."

Syria: 'I never knew that I’d be able to handle a war like this. But God changes not. What He said He will do!'

"When you are living from minute-to-minute with awful shelling going on we can all tell you that much of our time is spent 'surviving'. But we do continue working! Melo, who is working with us, said: “I never knew that I’d be able to handle a war like this. Seeing buildings and cars catch fire and a neighbour running to save his own car and giving his life for it would have scared me to death..."

Self-Study Bible Course in Tagalog (Philippines) distributed to graduating Bible College students

Graduating students from Baptist Bible College Asia in Philippines received a copy of the Self-Study Bible Course in their local language, Tagalog. This book was also distributed to students at an Assembly of God Bible College in Legaspi. These graduates will minister in many different places and this book helps them to discipel new believers.

Inmate comes to the Lord through 'The Divine Exchange' and makes a vow to God

It was a day like many others, in the beginning of July, when Danny rang and placed a large book order. After listing the titles he wanted, he shared a really encouraging testimony. He was in prison for many years, and it was Derek's teaching that brought him to the Lord whilst he was in there. He vowed that once he got released he would buy Derek's resources and give them away, so that others

Faith to Live by in Tigrigna (Ethiopia and Eritrea) makes deep impact on church doctrine

Last year the book "Faith To Live By " was translated in to Tigrigna ( a semetic language spoken in Eritrea and Ethiopia ). The book was distributed to many Tigrigna churches in Africa , America and Europe. The result has been encouraging. Testimonies came from people and churches that the book has changed their basic understanding of...

Secret leader's meeting in China receives 1,000 USB cards with Derek's teachings on them for student leaders

Only a few weeks ago, Ross Paterson, director of DPM China, was speaking at a missions training school for pastors who are working on the field, predominantly amongst minority peoples. They have prepared a secret leaders’ meeting taking place in the summer for student leaders, and asked that we provide 1,000 SD or USB drives with Derek’s teachings on them. They will...

Helping Malawi believers develop a strong faith with foundational Bible teaching by Derek Prince

The Chewa, the main tribe in Malawi, worship their ancestors and they determine the values of the people. That's why it's so important to help Christians and new believers building a strong foundation in their Christian faith with Derek's materials. Two foundational teachings have recently been finished in Chichewa: Laying the Foundations (DVD-series) and the Self-Study Bible Course.

Radio Sama is broadcasting Derek's teaching to equip Egyptian believers

In May the DPM–Egypt team has participated in an important event: a Consultation for Christian Arab Radio in the Middle East, held in Istanbul, Turkey. Radio stations reach many people, even in remote areas and people who have difficulties with reading. That's why it was such a blessing to present Derek’s Arabic programs and to make them available to radio stations.

Azerbaijan: ‘I got what I desperately needed’

Recently published, Does Your Tongue Need Healing? in Azeri is deeply touching people. Testimonies indicate that this book is blessing both believers and non-believers. Christians from different churches are even requesting copies for friends and relatives. Futhermore we distributed the Russian How to Pass from Curse to Blessing to Russian-speaking churches in cities and villages across Azerbaijan

Report from India: five conferences in ten days to bring spiritual freedom and encouragement to Indian pastors

In January, we spent 10 days in five cities in southern India, holding five conferences for over 450 Christian leaders from different denominations. Bishop Jackson from Bangalore, said, “I have been in ministry for 50 years and know the good [teaching] from the bad, and this is good! We really need this teaching!” Another pastor was set free from a spirit of the fear of death. Others also...

Thanks to your generosisty we are helping Nepali new converts discover more about Jesus

One of our DPM Outreach volunteers from Nepal writes: "Thank you so much for supporting DPM Outreaches in South East Asia. Your generosity has enabled us to bless Nepali believers in Malaysia and beyond. There are over 700,000 Nepalese workers in Malaysia and we are serving them through 70 Nepali churches. Many Nepalese who come to contact with these churches are being saved...

Syria: Escape from a bomb attack

Thousands of Syrians are living in areas that are under siege, trying to survive. Needed commodities are becoming unaffordable and jobs are scarce. In the midst of these troubles, co-worker George, who lives in Syria, continues to reach out to people with Bibles and Derek's material. His wife recently escaped from a bomb attack. She had just left her office to go home, when a bomb exploded...

Running the London Marathon for persecuted Christians in the Middle East

On April 24 Maria Doyle has been running the London Marathon for DPM UK. By running she raised money for our projects in the Middle East to support persecuted Christians. There seems to be no end to the persecution and suffering faced by multitudes of Christians in the Middle East today. Through our ministry of putting sound bible teaching into the hands of Christians and Muslim seekers we...

Bible School and Radio broadcasting in Madagascar

We teach for 1-2 hours per week at churches. mixed with practising evangelism, intercession and prayer warrior teachings during the rest of the week. Many churches ask us to use the whole Sunday afternoon for our Bible School. The total number of participants per month for our Discipleship Training is 1,750; for Evangelism 550 and for Intercession 450. We are so blessed when we read...

Chinese App for iPhone and Android

The Lord has connected us with a Christian IT company in Beijing to help distribute Derek’s material in digital format. It was completely “out of the blue” and is absolutely critical . Google’s negative relationship with the Chinese government makes it difficult for believers to download and listen to Derek’s teaching and that's why our Chinese App for iPhones and Android phones is strategic...

Derek's book available through Niue bookshop

A small shipment of Derek’s books was recently sent to the local bookstore in Niue. Niue is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean northeast of New Zealand, between Tonga, American Samoa and the Cook Islands and the history of Christianity in Niue is interesting....

Cambodia: Proclaming the gospel in Khmer language

Approximately 95% of Cambodia's population follows Theravada Buddhism and animism. The Buddhist monasteries and monkhood, together with Buddhist doctrines such as reincarnation re at the centre of religious life, but interact with indigenous beliefs such as the central role of ancestors and spirits. Here we work with churches to hold outreaches in a remote province...

Reaching a radical generation at 'The Call Azusa'

“The Call Azusa” gathering will be held tomorrow in Los Angeles, California, with as many as 120,000 young people gathering to exalt Jesus. Derek’s book, Living as Salt and Light, will be provided to encourage them in their cry for revival.

Outreach trips to Mongolia and Buryatia (Russia)

DPM Outreach worker German had had a wonderful trip to Mongolia and Buryatia (Russia) in the beginning of this year. The purpose of his trip was to conduct seminars on tent evangelism, and to help local churches spread the teaching of Derek Prince. He also met several pastors that want to use Derek's books in their churches.

Ukraine: Reaching Russian and Ukrainian-speaking people through Internet

In the midst of many political and economical tensions we were able to reached many people. We have seen an increased use of our Ukrainian website. It has been visited over 75,000 times by Russian and Ukrainian-speaking visitors from many countries. Also, we have been distributing over 16,000 books and CDs, including over 2,000 free copies for the needy, drug addicts, disabled, prisoners...

South Africa: First sub-titled Afrikaans video on YouTube

Derek Prince taught on many foundational Biblical truths that change lives. One of these topics is God's judgement. It is a judgement every person has to face someday and it can be a frightning thought. But why did Jesus Christ on the cross? To save us from God's judgement! Recently we launched our first sub-titled Afrikaans video “Facing God’s Judgment” on YouTube.

Philippines: Self-Study Bible Course helps to disciple students

When young people give their lives to Jesus it changes their focus on the future, their priorities and goals in life. This January we led 300 high school students in the Philippines to the Lord. A teacher is now using Derek's Self-Study Bible Course to disciple and teach those who are eager to know more.

Reaching Underground Church in Middle East

After years of praying for this, we now have an open door to reach the (underground) Church in Saudi Arabia (comprised of native Saudi Muslims). This nation bans all churches and Christian books, yet, our Lord is reaching people!

Kalahari San giving their lives to Jesus in in Setswana

Martin is working among the Kalahri San for over 5 years now. It has been a battle some days, with physical, material and financial challenges but the Lord has been faithful. In one of his blogs he wrote: ‘Together with the San I have experienced how...

India: 30 new pastors graduated from DPM Bible College in Hindu district

After completing our DPM Bible College Curriculum, 30 pastors in Kanchipuram graduated. This is a deeply religious Hindu district where there are no Christian training institutions for church leaders. They trained for nearly 18 months covering 13 teaching topics which are very helpful and practical for Indian ministry. Each graduate also received a set of Derek’s Tamil books.

France: 30 videos online available on special channel

All 30 messages of the 30 X13 Project in French are now online and can be watched at our French YouTube channel which has a growing number of visitors. We continue to reach people by books also. A new French booklet, The Headship of Jesus, has been printed. Furthermore...

Croatia: From believer in yoga and TM to Christ

Wonderful testimonies from Croatia: "Before I was saved my hope and faith was in TM, yoga, and universal life. I read the Foundation Series books twice in three months. The first time, under the influence of false gospels and demons, I tore it apart and threw it in the garbage. But the seed of God´s Word was already sown in me, and soon came forth fruit. Jesus saved me!

Pakistan: young women drug addicts 'matter to God'!

When God's love touches a heart, a live changes. We saw this again in Pakistan. Elizabeth shared from Derek’s book, You Matter to God, with young women drug addicts and women who work among them in a Karachi slum. Twenty of them repented and gave their lives to the Lord, with many others being “recharged.” Each participant received a copy of the book.

Philippines: The Divine Exchange printed in Tagalog.

The Divine Exchange has now been translated and printed in the national language, Tagalog. We are receiving great comments regarding Self-Study Bible Course, including these: “The people love this study book and I find it very helpful for baby Christians in our church.” And: “I believe this book is very timely and needed for all believers (young and old) in our city.

Slovakia: reaching the nation through radio

Christian radio station (Radio 7) in Slovakia began broadcasting Derek’s teaching in the Slovak language in late November. This is a new opportunity to reach our nation on a new level. Without costs we can impact many lives. What a blessing!

South Africa: Self Study Bible Course used to disciple students

The Lord is moving in Africa, and there are exciting new doors of opportunity opening that are initiated by people who love Derek’s teaching and want to share it with others.

Sri Lanka: Ministering to over 1,300 church leaders

DPM directors Elsie and Danny and their team made a return trip to Sri Lanka last September. DPM is held in high regard here and is very well received, enabling many doors to open for Derek’s teaching. Over 1,300 church leaders were ministered to over 13 days, so a significant impact was made. Every comment received indicated it was so timely and what they all needed.

Bulgaria: increasing demand regardless of economic stagnation

The demand for Derek’s books in Bulgaria is increasing regardless of the economic stagnation. Meet Iskra, director of DPM Bulgaria.

Philippines: Self-Study Bible Course in Tagalog

The Self-Study Bible Course has now been published in the national Tagalog language! This foundational Bible course is one of DPM's strategic titles worldwide and has blessed millions of people to help them understand God and his plan of salvation.

French Africa: reaching people in high places

A well-known Christian in Chad who has held some important positions (including Secretary of State for Finances and Economy) has ordered a large number of French books and intends to distribute them among...

Botswana: reaching San Bushman people in their “click” language

The San Bushman people are known because of their mysterious "click" language. We are translating Derek’s broadcasts into Naro San language. If all goes well, we will reach the Kalahari San of South Africa, Namibia and Botswana this year where 100,000 San Bushman people will have teaching in their own “click” language on CD,Have you ever wondered how this language sounds?

South-East Asia: pastors craving for Bible Study materials

During August/September a training seminar was held in central Nepal. We freely distributed copies of Self-Study Bible Course and Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting to 200 attendees and are told that 70 percent of them received the baptism in the Holy Spirit while there! This is what one of the...

Mongolian website online

God has blessed DPM’s significant work among the Mongols. The Derek Prince Mongolian Website is now online. The Android and IOS Apps of Derek’s teaching in Mongolian are also now...

Ethiopia: maturing leaders in times of persecution

Many leaders are now using Derek’s Amharic materials in their churches and Bible schools. The believers grow from his teaching and become effective in the Lord’s service. Even though there is severe persecution in Ethiopia, Christians in this country suffer in silence.

Church in Pakistan: ‘The most unique teaching ever heard’

James, director of DPM Pakistan, recently visited Multan in central Pakistan, a spiritually difficult city, to speak at two church services in St. Mary’s Cathedral and a leaders’ gathering. The messages were on the Holy Spirit and the teaching from How to Pass from Curse to Blessing. Upon the altar call, 18 people gave their lives to the Lord, and almost everyone raised their hand when asked who..

China: new interest in Derek’s teaching in Taiwan

Nine new titles are being translated and published in Taiwan. There is a new interest in Derek’s teaching, and the China team gets free translations of high quality to distribute in China also.

South-Africa: 20 years impact through Radio-broadcasting

On September 1, we celebrated 20 years of broadcasting on Impact Radio in Pretoria. Listeners shared with us how powerful their lives have been changed through these programs. At Mission Fest in early September, we met many others who have been listening...

India: celebration of Derek Prince’ birth

On August 14, a centenary celebration of Derek’s birth was held at St John’s Anglican Church, Bangalore (where Derek was christened as a baby). A pastor who has the largest Malayalam congregation in Asia was very clear in explaining how the Blessing or Curse message had revolutionized his deliverance ministry. Almost 200 leaders from all over India...

Prayers are answered: Radio broadcasting in Middle East

God answered our prayers about broadcasting Derek’s teaching to the Middle East through medium wave Radio and the Internet. We now have an agreement with a Christian Arabic channel that began broadcasting in October and are negotiating with another radio station.

India: Christmas Party for orphan children

Every year Elsie and Daniel, directors of DPM India, with their team host a Christmas Party for orphan children from various homes around Trichy. The children spend a whole day singing, playing games, exhibiting their talent and listening to the message of Christmas. It is a treat they look forward to every year.

Netherlands: online course ‘Living in the End Times’

In recent weeks, we shipped out nearly 200 copies of Prophetic Guide to the End Times and Surviving the Last Days in connection with our latest I-course: “Living in the End Times.” We thank God for how timely this course is and the large number who have enrolled (well over 100 at last count). Europe is under great spiritual pressure,

Eastern Europe: Equipping the Church

Knowing how much the Lord Jesus loves His Church it’s a blessing to serve the pastors and leaders with Derek’s book ‘Rediscovering God’s Church’. We’re in the process of translation and editing this important book.

Norway: new workers for Swedish translations

We praise the Lord for new workers in Sweden who are helping us with Swedish translations. We also have a printing company in Poland that will help us start...

Kenia: training leaders from fledgling churches

We just completed the first printing of Swahili books. They will be distributed to different parts of the country, South Sudan, Somalia, Uganda and Tanzania and used in training pastors and leaders from many fledgling churches.

Projects in Madagascar supported by donor from Norway

Although the church in Madagascar has had the Bible in their own language since 1836, many of them have little understanding of its message. Thanks to a kind donor in Norway they were able to translate and print the booklet Will You Intercede? and the Rediscovering God’s Church book. Furthermore...

Iraq: weekly Bible study in Erbil

A large shipment of Arabic and Farsi books has arrived in Erbil for distribution both locally and to other countries in this region. One church in Erbil has introduced a weekly Bible study using the Self-Study Bible Course books that they recently received. This book has proven to be quiet popular and helps believers to understand God’s plan of salvation.

South Africa: author and former boxer touched by Xhosa ‘Life-Changing Spiritual Power’

The Xhosa language Life-Changing Spiritual Power book is nearing completion. The translator, Mzi, has been deeply moved by Derek’s teaching and is so grateful the Lord connected him with us. Mzi was a professional boxer and...

Canada: Will You Intercede?

We were able to distribute 500 copies of the booklet, Will You Intercede? At a conference in October held by “Intercede international.” Being convinced that “the people who really rule the world are those who know how to pray”(Secrets of a Prayer Warrior), Derek...

Solomon Islands: reaching youth and inmates

God is doing great things through our prison ministry. The inmates at Auki Prison are very blessed by the Self Study Bible Course book. Ten inmates are graduating, and a good number of them gave their lives to the Lord. Continue to pray for the growth of the prison ministry and that Derek’s teaching will give the inmates a strong foundation of the Word in their lives.

Revival in East Africa

Tens of thousands of people are coming to faith across East Africa, as we are hearing from ministries that work with us. We have the privilege of supplying Derek's teaching to help establish them in the Lord.

Latin America: 168 Spanish Audio Devotionals available

We recently finished the recording of 168 (!) Word from the Word audio devotionals in Spanish and made available on the Spanish website and App. In Latin-America over 300 million people speak Spanish...

Exciting opportunity Tanzania: Swahili broadcast Joy Radio

We have the exciting opportunity to broadcast over 130 CDs with Derek Prince’ Bible teaching that have been translated into Swahili on the new Joy Radio station at Kigoma on Lake Tanganyika. The programs will be heard as far away as Burundi, Rwanda and across a large part of Tanzania!

Botswana/Namibia/South Africa: Reaching the Kalahari San Bushmen

It is exciting to see new doors opening for Derek’s teaching in places that have never even heard the gospel! The Kalahari San Bushmen live in an area of northwest Botswana...

Reaching Chinese businessmen with the Gospel

Many Chinese are moving to Namibia to start a business there. As worldwide ministry we were requested for these people in Namibia.

Testimony from Pakistan

Special testimony from Catholic Church: "For the past two years, I observed four of our lay leaders growing in their character and spiritual gifts. I had a conversation with them in the presence of about 58 other leaders. They shared boldly that the transformation in their personal and ministry life is because of the sound Bible teachings of Derek Prince."

Mongolia: preparing 30 core teachings as online tool

The Mongolian team is moving quickly to get the 30 core teachings by Derek ready for the Mongolian language cell phone App, website, YouTube...

The Next Five Years: DPM regional conference in New Zealand

A successful “vision-imparting” DPM regional conference was held in June in Singapore for Outreach Directors from the India Subcontinent and several Southeast Asia nations with Derek's message 'Christ's Last Order' as theme.

Doors have finally opened for DPM in the Philippines

Doors have finally opened for DPM in the Philippines where the fields are “white for harvest.” We're grateful to take the next step in this country.

South Africa + Madagascar + Malawi

Prison outreach, support for leaders and new translations... it's amazing to realize how many lives in these countries are strenghtened and changed by Derek Prince' Bible teaching!

Middle East

In the midst of all the uproar in the Middle East we see God at work. Egypt, Syria, Iraq... God's Word brings hope and new life.


Thanks to a large donation we can not only produce several new books but also triple our outreach budget for projects in China, the Middle East, Russia, Eastern Europe, India and Nepal.

South Africa

A new development has taken place between DPM–Netherlands and DPM–South Africa. Because Dutch and Afrikaans have similar roots, it was possible to...

France: prayers to reach Roman-Catholic Church answered

After years of prayer a door to the Roman Catholic world seems to have opened through a partner who will produce audio books. And there's more exiting news, like the French teaching ministry is going to set up a Christian TV channel that will broadcast via satelite throughout Europe and Africa.

Solomon Islands: High demand for Life-Changing Spiritual Power

Field work is ongoing in the Western Province. Copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power were recently sent to a leaders’ seminar of the United Church, and we received a good response.

China: God's faithfulnes in times of persecution

The current Chinese political leadership is tightening up on many aspects of life in China, with crosses and even churches being torn down in some places. But the DPM–China team continues to experience God’s protection and blessing...

Netherlands: Growing in knowing the Holy Spirit

The Foundation4Life Bible School has Derek’s foundational teaching in their curriculum for the fifth year....

Nepal: Seminar for 150 pastors

We recently held a seminar for 150 pastors and leaders

Zimbabwe: No longer rejected but loved by God

Beautiful testimonies were received after our conference in Karoi, about 230 km from Harare. One lady wrote: "I learned that I’m accepted in the beloved Jesus Christ and that God is not working against me. I had been feeling rejected, unworthy before both God and men. But now I am applying the steps to God’s remedy for rejection."

East Africa: Harvest of new believers after massacre in Kenya

10,000 copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power in Swahili were transported thousands of miles in a short time, arriving after the massacre of 148 Christian university students in northern Kenya at the time of a huge harvest of new believers...

Solomon Islands: Inmates taking the Self-Study Bible Course

Many prison inmates are taking the Self-Study Bible Course. We received these testimonies recently...

Norway: prophetic word came true

Praise the Lord for all the faithful partners in Norway! They never stop...

Africa: Reaching the Kalahari San Bushmen

Botswana - A door has opened to reach the Kalahari San Bushmen of Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Martin Erasmus, a South African missionary, has been working among the San Bushman in Botswana, travelling thousands of miles in his vehicle. He has contact with...


The book How to Pass from Curse to Blessing was distributed in Baku and other cities and has been received very well. Read the wonderful testimonies we received.


The Mongolian team is moving at an amazing speed to get the 30 core Derek Prince teachings available for the Mongolian language cell phone App, website...

Latin America - open doors for outreach

The Lord continues to open doors and give good connections for possible outreach in Latin America...

Japanese website launched

Our brand new Japanese-language website went "live” after many years of...

France - Prophetic Guide to the End Times released

Praise God for the good contact with the ministry Livr’Afrique that again ordered a couple of thousand books to distribute in Africa...

China - testimony from pastor

Recently a pastor shared how significant Derek's material was in building up his church in the...


Derek’s book Divine Exchange and Teaching Letter Benefits of Redemption were given out to 600 young people who gave their lives to the Lord at a...

East Africa - Swahili copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power

10,000 Swahili copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power that were reprinted and now have been...

India - letter from Utkal Theological College in Odisha State

We received the following letter from Utkal Theological College in Odisha State (east India) after we provided our Bible College Graduate Gift Packs for their graduating students...

Botswana - new open doors

We have been praying for more open doors into Botswana. As a result...

First booklets available in Khmer

The first DPM booklet we know of in Khmer has been printed and distributed at a youth conference!

Remember Ali! - mission report from Iran

"Mohammed, Jesus and Moses are all the same; using people for their own purposes" is what Ali, a taxi driver in Iran, believed. We met him during our mission trip and challenged him to get to know Jesus...

Help Christians in Nepal

The massive earthquake that hit Nepal on the 25th of April, and several aftershocks have shattered hundreds of thousands of lives. Will you help them?