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30x13 Project:
Using new technologies to combat spiritual hunger

Every day on average 174,000 people are coming to faith and most of them need systematic instruction in God’s Word to grow as his disciples. 

That is why we have launched our 30x13 Project – a dynamic discipleship resources programme that takes full advantage of new technologies for God’s glory.

What is 30x13 Project and how does it work?

Right now for the first time in history, the majority of people in the world, including Christians, can access digital resources on their phones, tablets or computers.

Through our 30x13 Project we are taking advantage of this amazing opportunity by making 30 core discipleship messages by Derek Prince available in audio-visual or audio format in 13 different languages.

Then, we will place these core Bible teaching resources online so they can be freely accessed by Bible colleges, local churches, mission workers and believers worldwide.

We are really excited about this project and it’s potential to impact the present and the future of God’s churches worldwide.

30x13 Project resources are already combating spiritual hunger

Our DPM outreach teams started working on this project last year. And, we have already had some encouraging reports.

  • The translation and production work in Spanish was completed recently and hundreds of pastors and believers in Cuba are already using the core messages to disciple their congregations.
  • A growing number of online visitors are accessing the 30x13 Project resources available in French via youtube and DPM France website. 
  • One of our ministry partners in Russia has completed the translating and dubbing of the 30 resources and our team is promoting these free resources to pastors and Bible college students across Russia. They are also shared via youtube.
  • Our Middle East Outreach team has completed the voicing of the 30 audio-visual resources in Farsi and now they are uploading them online. They are also seeking to distribute this teaching in Secure Digital (SD) cards to pastors in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran.
  • All the messages in Arabic are now completed and online.  One of our workers introduced many Arabic Christian leaders to this teaching resource at a conference in Italy in June 2016.
  • In addition, to making this teaching resource available online our team have prepared 1,000 SD cards with the 30x13 messages to distribute to pastors working in ‘closed’ countries across the Middle East.

We want to add new languages to this project. So, if you share our passion for making Bible teaching available to those who need to be strengthened in the Lord please make a gift today.


USB thumb drive containing 30 life changing teaching messages by Derek Prince

USB Thumb Drive

USB /OTG Thumb Drive containing 30 core discipleship messages by Derek Prince available in audio-visual or audio format.