Will you satisfy Africa’s hunger for life-changing Bible teaching? 

‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ 
Matthew 4:4 (NIV)

Lack of Bible teaching materials is a significant challenge for believers, pastors and church planters. In countries like Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and elsewhere hundreds of thousands of Christians are hungry for God’s Word. Unfortunately, their pastors have little training or discipleship resources to enable them to preach and teach God’s Word. 

Without our help they will continue to stay ignorant of the truths of the Bible and vulnerable to false teaching and heresies rooted in witchcraft and traditional religions. But, equipped with inspirational Bible teaching by Derek Prince, they can feed their congregations and make strong disciples. 

2019 promises to be a busy and exciting year as we print many more books including our first printings in the Kirundi language for Burundi (Life Changing Spiritual Power and Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting) to reach further into the unreached areas with both printed and audio visual resources as we teach the untaught.

Along with the distribution of nearly 100,000 Derek Prince books and Bibles throughout East Africa, we consider our partnership with other ministries as our most significant stride forward in the region this past year. Through these other ministries, we have been able to reach from cities and countryside, police to prisons, from security forces to school and university students and many other needy segments of society.

Will you bless an African pastor or believer today with a lifetime of spiritual growth? 

You can do just that by making a gift of £10 or more to our DPM Africa Outreach. 

  • You can put a copy of Husbands and Fathers and Marriage Covenant into the hands of a police officer in Zimbabwe by making a gift of £10. This teaching has been well received by many Chaplains in police and prison services. 

  • You can give a Bible college graduate a library of Bible teaching tools for just £25. This is the typical cost of providing a Graduate Gift pack with Derek Prince’s teaching on topics like: atonement, spiritual warfare, blessings and curses, etc. 
  • You can bless an African pastor and help them to expand their ministry by making a gift of £50. Your gift will be used to supply pastors in several African countries with a wide range of biblical teaching on church leadership and pastoral issues. 
  • You can make a significant stand against spiritual hunger by donating £100 or more towards proofreading a translation of Derek’s teaching into an African language. We already have several co-workers in African countries translating Derek’s teaching in different languages. 

The need for life-changing Bible teaching resources in Africa is urgent and the challenge is huge. 

So, please say ‘YES’ today. 

How you can help:

  • £10 can put copies of Husbands and Fathers and Marriage Covenant into the hands of a police officer in Zimbabwe. 
  • Just £25 you can give a Bible college graduate a valuable library of Bible teaching tools. 
  • You can bless an African pastor and help them to expand their ministry by a gift of £50.
  • Combat spiritual hunger by giving £100 towards translating Derek’s teaching into an African language.

Amount to donate

We are partnering with John Stanko of Purpose Quest to furnish Derek Prince materials in 7 resource libraries in Kenya.
John says: "We have helped build a model library in Banana - I was there last week and here is a video of the building. You will be impressed, I promise." Pastor Peter, an anglican pastor, leads the tour.
Billy Bimba, a missionary to Liberia gives a brief testimony with Dick Leggatt, President of Derek Prince Ministries USA, about the impact Derek Prince's teaching has made on his life and ministry.