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On February 1, 2018, the Chinese government imposed new and very restrictive religious laws. These laws reverse many of the freedoms Christians in China have experienced over the last 20 years.

In a nutshell, the new laws state that:

  • The church is not allowed to teach the Bible anymore. From now on, education is the sole right of the atheistic Communist party. So, Sunday schools and all Bible classes are banned.
  • As early as last December, a prominent Chinese pastor with whom we have worked for many years reported that the security police had raided his church. The authorities had removed all desks and teaching equipment because they are no longer allowed to teach.
  • Numbers of people attending church services are restricted. According to some of our Chinese co-workers, they were informed that if more than 20 people attended a meeting, each one would be fined 10,000 yuan (£1,150).

Why is this happening?

The Chinese government fears there are too many Christians in China. A former Malaysian government minister told one of our workers about a conversation he had with a Chinese government leader who informed him that there were 150 million Christian believers in China. True or not, a statistic like that strikes fear into the hearts of Communist leaders.

The Chinese government’s objectives are simple:

  • To starve the church in China by depriving them of the Word of God.
  • To prevent the young generation in China from hearing the Gospel. The message on one sign posted by the government outside a large church: reads “No Communist party member; no member of the military; no one in education of any kind; and no one who is under 18 years of age” may even enter that church building. So, about half the population cannot even walk into that church!

Bibles are now banned from being sold online. Schools in some places are asked to report on the religious background of all their students.

These actions are an outright attempt to destroy Christianity in China.

That is why we must do what we can to help Christians in China access life-changing Bible teaching that can sustain and strengthen them at this difficult time.

Will you give £20 or more today to enable pastors and believers in China to access sound Bible teaching?

In 2017, before the new laws came into place, we began translation and preparation of two books by Derek Prince –Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting and Praying for the Government.

When we published this same book in Taiwan, a prominent church leader read it and immediately called all Christians on the island to get a copy and read it. He also called for a 40-day fast.

We are praying that the Lord will spark similar action in China. Our vision is of the church in China responding to the increased persecution with a tsunami of prayer, bringing about a spiritual revival across their land.

With your help today, we want to turn this vision into reality—placing copies of this book into the hands of thousands of Chinese Christians.

We also believe that Derek’s book God’s Remedy for Rejection is critical for China’s believers at this time. With your help, we can print and freely distribute 100,000 copies of this book as well.

These next few weeks are a critical time for our China Outreach, because we need to raise £75,000 for these initiatives!

Will you give now to help us reach this goal so we can equip and encourage the church in China at this difficult time?

Let’s seize this opportunity while we can—before the situation in China gets any tighter.

Thank you so much for your generosity and your prayers. 

Ross Paterson

DPM – China Director