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Will you help us seize some amazing, new opportunities to disciple Chinese Christians in the digital world?

Right now, we have some amazing, new opportunities to make Derek’s teaching available to Christians in China through the Internet and WeChat.

WeChat is a uniquely Chinese app that has been described by web developers and users as “a million apps within an app.” It’s like Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, YouTube, PayPal and more— all combined in one app.

As our China team would tell you, it is an excellent platform for discipling spiritually hungry Christians like Yuhui.

Yuhui, like millions of people in China today, is using WeChat for nearly everything in her daily life. She uses WeChat to shop online, to make hospital appointments, to pay bills, to book cinema tickets or holidays, to study the Bible and pray with others.

For 800 million Chinese people like Yuhui, WeChat is more than just an app—it is a lifestyle!

One of the key objectives of our China Outreach in 2017 is to make Derek’s Bible teaching available to Christians like Yuhui where they are at—in the digital world.

Will you give £15 to our China Outreach to help us reach this goal? 

Your help today is critical to the success of our digital discipleship ministry in 2017, so please take a few moments today to prayerfully consider your response.

Recently, one of our DPM China workers has created a public account in WeChat and is posting extracts from Declaring God’s Word on a daily basis. 

Every morning a Christian sister hosts Quiet Time sessions on WeChat for 1,000 people, who join her live. She posts Bible teaching by Derek Prince, invites group members to pray and follows up with those who are asking questions.

What’s more, we are building two new websites—one for believers living inside China, and one for Chinese speaking people outside China—that will serve as discipleship hubs. This will enable thousands of people to hear about Derek Prince via WeChat, to engage with his teaching and download free resources.

With your help we can expand our digital ministry because we know that digital is one of the most effective ways for discipling more Christians in China.

Remember that your investment in our China Outreach wouldn’t just encourage WeChat users, it will also inspire them to share what they have learnt with others.

It is on behalf of believers like Yuhui that I thank you for your generous support to our China Outreach.


With deep gratitude,

Ross Paterson

DPM – China Director



How you can help:

£15 can enable us to upload Bible teaching on USB/OTG devices.

£100 can be used to prepare Derek’s teaching in the right format for online distribution.

£500 could ensure that our workers spend time online daily, to answer faith-related questions on WeChat and to help them to access more of Derek’s teaching.

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