One of the questions I am often asked by DPM supporters is: What difference does Derek Prince’s teaching make in the lives of people in Eastern Europe?

If you are wondering about this too – let me share with you the story of a 37-year-old man called Igor Budanov.

Once a drug addict now a pastor …. thanks to DPM supporters like you!

This is what he says:

"Through the Teen Challenge programme, I heard God could change me and free me from all addictions.

Then I entered a rehab programme, and the first Christian materials that came into my hands were books by Derek Prince.

Through Derek´s teaching  Foundation Truths for Christian Living [], I was able to lay the proper foundation for my Christian life. Later, Jesus used the book,  Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose [], to bring light for me and my family into many dark areas.

When I began attending a local church, I met Daniela, who was also once addicted to heroin. We were soon married, and after the wedding, we were invited to study at the Theological College in Osijek, Croatia. In addition to all the theological books, Derek Prince's teaching was an integral part of our spiritual growth during this period.

After our time in college and my years of service as an assistant pastor, we experienced many ups and downs—a very difficult period in our life.

After that period, the Lord sent us back to Novi Sad, Serbia to start a new church, where we routinely take all new believers through Derek´s foundational teaching.

I am immensely grateful to Derek Prince and to DPM for continuing to make Derek´s teaching available for Serbian believers."

Will you bless more Christians like Igor today by giving £30 or whatever you can to our Eastern Europe outreach?

God is using Derek’s compelling Bible-teaching resources to transform lives, not just in Serbia, but in other parts of Eastern Europe too.

We are receiving many testimonies like Igor’s from believers in Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, and elsewhere.

Will you help provide much-needed Bible-teaching resources to pastors and believers like Igor?


Here are some of the things your gift can make possible:

  • A generous gift of £30 can enable us to print a set of books like The Power of Faith, Unshakable Hope, Why Bad Things Happen to God's People, Hope Beyond Grief, and From Bitterness to Joy, in different European languages.
  • A vital gift of £100 can help provide subtitles for one of Derek's uplifting video messages, for use in a small home group setting as part of a Bible study discussion.
  • And a strategic gift of £500 can make it possible for us to redesign and update the website of a DPM outreach in an Eastern European country.

Please pray about this opportunity and give the most generous gift you can. 

Thank you so much for partnering with our Eastern Europe outreach to encourage more Christians like Igor to unlock the power of God’s Word in their lives.

Yours in Christ’s service,

Branislav Čekan

Director DPM EE