Will you help bring joy to Christians in the Former Soviet Republics?

My name is Vazgen Arseni, I am the DPM Outreach Director for the Former Soviet Republics.

I love my job—and I feel really blessed when I see how God uses Derek’s teaching to set believers free from fear, rejection, guilt or shame.

Every new or mature Christian I meet when I visit Russia, Ukraine, Georgia etc has an amazing story to share. And, each and every one of their stories is possible only because of the generosity of supporters like you.

Will you give £15 today to help bring joy to the faces of thousands of Christians in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia?

By making a gift today you will be helping believers like Irina.

Irina is a Christian believer from Russia, who had a traumatic childhood. Her father left their family when she was six years old. At that time Irina’s mother started to drink and eventually became an alcoholic.

Irina was very upset with her mother. She grew up struggling with depression and rejection. When Irina got married, she hoped that her family life would be a happy one. But, the unexpected betrayal of her husband gave her deep sorrow and pain.

For years she blamed her parents and her husband for her unhappiness. She even blamed God, until the day one of her friends gave her a copy of Derek’s book, God’s Remedy for Rejection.

Reading this book helped Irina understand how she needed to forgive and let God restore her life. She gave her life to God, and in the months that followed, she restored her relationship with her mother.

I met Irina at her local church. Her smile and joy said it all—she loves Jesus and will soon be baptised in water.

Your gift of £15, £25, £50 or whatever you can share, will be used to lift the spirits of believers like Irina.

We are planning to print 10 books by Derek Prince in Russian, including Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose, God’s Plan for Your Money, The Self-Study Bible Course, and the daily devotional Declaring God’s Word.

By making a donation today, you can enable us to respond to hundreds of requests from pastors in Russia and other parts of the Former Soviet Republics.

It is difficult for me to put into words how vital your support is for our ministry of equipping disciples in the Former Soviet Republics.

I can’t wait to put your generosity into action!                        


Yours in Christ’s service,

Vazgen Arseni 

DPM–FSR Outreach Director


 How you can help:

  • A gift of £15 can provide a Russian or Armenian pastor with a library of 10 books by Derek Prince that they will use daily in their ministry.

  • A gift of £25 can enable our workers in Russia, Ukraine, or Georgia to send a package of books to a local church in a remote town or village.

  • A gift of £50 can ensure that we can begin to translate one of Derek’s books into a new language.

  • A gift of £250 or more can put a library of sixty of Derek’s materials into a Bible school or prison in Armenia or Russia.