Thank you for your support in 2020

With your gifts and prayer, you are enabling Christians to experience the life-changing power of God’s Word. Even though the corona pandemic impacted many parts of life, DPM outreach workers continued to share Derek's Bible materials. We trust you will be blessed by reading their testimonies. 

Blessing churches in Nepal

Thank you for blessing pastors and churches in Nepal! This is what pastor Shambhu Chaudhari from Janakpur, Nepal shared with our DPM worker in his country recently:

“Thank you very much for sending books by Derek Prince to me and other pastors in my area. Derek's books are helping me every day to teach and hold Bible studies on important topics like spiritual warfare, prayer and fasting. The book Life-Changing Spiritual Power has been a great blessing to me personally. And my congregation is inspired and encouraged in the Lord by the lessons from the Self-Study Bible Course. I know other pastors who are using this book and are very thankful for it. There are no bookstalls around this area where such spiritual books are available, so books by Derek Prince are great resources indeed. Thank you again and God bless you.”

Equipping pastors in Burundi

Pastors and churches in Burundi desperately need discipleship materials in Kirundi (their language). Currently, most Christian resources available are in French or English and few pastors can access them. We want to change this and make sure that every church leader can access free Bible teaching resources in their language. Our outreach worker in this nation Acher Niyoniziglye has been working hard to translate two of Derek’s books from English to Kirundi.

“Good Christian books in Kirundi are rare, - he said – that is why I consider it a huge privilege to be part of this project. I remember reading a couple of Derek’s books a long time ago and I have been very blessed by them. Now, Derek’s teaching will be a huge blessing for the church of Burundi. Pray with me that God will use Derek’s teaching to equip the new generation of church leaders in Burundi. So, they can have knowledge and discernment to serve well. And, to share what they have learnt with new generations.”


New opportunities in Egypt

We are delighted that God has opened a door for us to broadcast 100 episodes of Derek Prince’s radio programmes in Arabic on six new radio stations 14 times a day! This is an incredible opportunity to disciple new generations of Christians in this nation and throughout the Arab world with Bible teaching they can apply in their daily lives. And a brilliant way to engage with seekers who are looking to find out more about Jesus and the Bible. Every radio programme is in dialogue format between hosts, alternating with Derek's teaching and a song. Five of the stations are online so Arabic-speaking people worldwide can listen to them.

Digging deeper into God’s word in Ukraine

Even in the middle of this pandemic, a new group of young Christians in Ukraine completed the Correspondence Bible School. Tatiana Ismailova is one of them. And this is what she shared with our worker in Ukraine about how Derek’s teachings through this course are influencing her life:

“Firstly, I want to note that in doing this course I found a lot of confirmation of God's leadership in my life (this concerns repentance, water baptism and personal confession); secondly, because of this course proclaiming the Word of God every day has become an integral part of my life, and I am also more attentive to what I say and confess, listen and read. Through Derek’s teachings on the Blood of Jesus Christ, on atonement and deliverance (Rev. 5: 9, Ps. 106: 1,2), God showed me where to look for freedom and how to draw closer to Him even in those days when I found it hard to read my Bible and pray. Thank the Lord for Derek’s teaching in my language and for using them to confirm me in the faith.”