Testimonies from online outreach in the Middle East

DPM outreach workers in the Middle East are contacted daily via social media by seekers and new believers. They listen to their personal stories, answer their questions, pray for them, offer free resources and invite them for online discipleship. This approach is bearing much fruit, as becomes clear in these two testimonies from August.

Outreach update Egypt

In Egypt, we have completed the recording of 20 of Derek’s radio programs. In this series, Derek teaches on our Identification with Christ and His identification with us. We trust the Holy Spirit to work through them and have a deep impact. The Lord directed us to use a new type of video clips on Facebook. Each clip is about five minutes and uses Arabic subtitles instead of dubbing. So far....

Algeria: Kabyle translation of Declaring God's Word. Listen for yourself!

Derek’s 365-day devotional Declaring God’s Word has been a blessing to many believers worldwide. Recently, the audio version of the Kabyle translation of this teaching has been available to encourage Christians and seekers in Algeria. You are possibly not a Kabyle speaker, you might wonder what this language sounds like, so we’re sharing Day 1 from this Devotional with you. Listen for yourself!